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TimeZero on Stonemaul is the Greart

guvataraguvatara Member Posts: 2

We are crazy russian guild. We are crazy newbe, but we bit all aliance that we meet on Hord Teritory (Hord teritory is a all World of Warcraft).

If you think what you can kill us, our vendeta will find you and you  will cry and ask us forgive you.

We are crazy Horde and we dislike Aliance.


  • SoulbutcherSoulbutcher Member UncommonPosts: 36

    ur guild suxxx and you do either

  • guvataraguvatara Member Posts: 2

    Are you really think about you words?

  • LionexxLionexx Member UncommonPosts: 680

    i don't know how i got into this thread but lol?

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    I have played every MMO that has ever come out.

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