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My gawd!!

What the heck is this?! This game is total anarchy! What stupid administration! I am just running out of bad words to describe this game.. Its a @#$ @#$@#$ @#$#@% @#%#$% @#$$# %$#%$# and #$%#$. Damnit!
The community is totally LAME! <Mod edit> (Sorry! But im ultra-uber-mega pissed at the moment).
There are NO rules against KSing, botting etc... What is see is hordes of people with names like xyzerasd234 camping at the Gavolt spawn and killing the mobs a mile away with a crossbow.. Damn! They even dare to bot at open spaces.... WHAT ARE THE GMs DOING? I think all they have in mind is grabbing the money from the pockets of gullible people.. They should be prosecuted for Criminal offence.. (Yeah thats a bit too much.. but I just HAD to say that)..
And now the login issue... The suckahs advertise EVERYWHERE "Free to Play Free to Play Free to Play" (Thats much more than the really Free to Play games advertise).. After three days... the servers are 99% full and my free bronze premium is gone. so... you all know...
!@#$ I dont think i have expressed enough of my frustration.. But i dont think i will do it either because i dont want to get banned..
Graphics: 3/10 image
Gameplay: 4/10 (for lag, Disconnection etc)
Community: -50/10 imageimage
Total score: -43/30.. Dont play the game...
K2image.. Yeah <Mod edit> and the headphones coz im cussing you like crazy! And the smile coz i just gibbed your skinny neck with an AWP.
~el fin~


  • dlooneydlooney Member Posts: 306

    i agree with you for the most part its kinda hard to kill anything when someone is sitting down shooting everything with a crossbow...

  • xrandomflipxrandomflip Member Posts: 4

    all games have their hacks... botting is 99% less than before. i dont think theres a mmorpg with good graphics :S theres 0 lag, unless ur computer/internet sux. the servers are only full up to 2pm pacific time. you can just leave your computer overnight and play during daytime. merchant or something.  u have never met the community. ko4life... u>

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