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Tales of Pirates: The Black Dragon Torso

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

IGG has released information on the Black Dragon Torso, said to be one of the greatest items in Tales of Pirates, which can now be purchased with reputation.

The Black Dragon Torso is one of the greatest items in Tales of Pirates Online. Now as an extension to the well received “Reputation for Bonus" activity which is still going on, ToP officials have made the mighty Level 75 Boss Equipment available for hardcore players to use their reputation to exchange for it!

Black Dragon Torso is the most important part of the Black Dragon Set. Normally, if pirates want to obtain the Black Dragon Set, they need to untie 20 power seals, including the Flame seal, Wind Seal, Thunder Seal, and Ice Seal. These seals are near the horrifying Black Dragon Altar. The Black Dragon Set not only looks terrific, but also greatly improves attributes and abilities. Once players get the Black Dragon Set, their skills' power will be improved greatly.

For more details about the Black Dragon Torso and the “Reputation for Bonus” activity, you can head over to the ToP official website at

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