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How long till 50

NegenelfNegenelf Member Posts: 62

If u play everyday an hour or 3 how long will it takes on average to hit maximum level , cause I am only interested in pvp i don't like pve at all


  • terr89terr89 Member Posts: 12

    Well right now lvl cap is 55. Playing 3 hours everyday, spending at least 2/2,5 for lvling you will be able to hit lvl 50 in 2 months.

  • daeandordaeandor Member UncommonPosts: 2,693

    I'd also probably add that it depends on how you spend your time.  If you merely grind levels, your primary combat skill, and defense, I'd guess the levelling would go a little faster than 2 months.  However, if you grind up your secondary skill PTs (or more) it will take much longer.

  • Sieges111Sieges111 Member Posts: 120

    Don't just grind levels in RF Online! You must also practice your skills. If you grind to level 55, you may end up with a dead-end character.

  • BOYVIRGO666BOYVIRGO666 Member Posts: 158

    practicing skills in rf is wierd. if you wanna be well rounded and be able to use guns and stuff it will take forevor but you will be better in pvp BUT its not necessary and i have won pvp without worrying about how well i can shoot a launcher on my lvl 41 warrior.

    and btw iv had this warrior for 31/2 weeks so you should be ok

    genius inside insanity

  • AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844

    just grind levels dont bother grinding skills too much :P

  • okchaatnarokchaatnar Member Posts: 4

    I wonder if they'll raise the level cap.... you think so? 55 lvl cap seems sorta low compared to most games

  • nakumanakuma Member UncommonPosts: 1,310

    skills help with PVP but often later in levels. im lvl 14 now and got my slasher skill up past lvl 3 already :P and my other secondary skill up but i think i need a knife or axe to use it. each skill uses a specific type of weapon, so just keep note of that when leveling them k.

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  • tsao284tsao284 Member Posts: 91

    yes it is low lvl but compared to most games this game is more challenging to reach max level. not like wow you can hit 70 in 4 days....

  • BOYVIRGO666BOYVIRGO666 Member Posts: 158

    lvl 55 may seem low but youd be suprised hwo few there actually are. after lvl 40 lvling goes SLOW...mega slow

    genius inside insanity

  • zoetzoet Member Posts: 2

    Yeah he asked good question. I've played for 3h a day and in a week i made 23lvl. You have to realise the higher you are the tougher it is.. It made me bored after i reach lvl 23 coz how long can i play .. bla its boring imho. ^^

    It's not as simple, as you thought.

  • ExneodeathExneodeath Member Posts: 61

    takes forever and there isn't always party to lv with so if even if you were hardcore stillt ake forever.  It will take more than 2months and you will probably quit from not being able to lv up whenever you want since bds are crap now.

  • SequentialSequential Member Posts: 10

    This game is pure grind... don't expect any awesom questing or grouping. it's killing the same mob over and over for 3 weeks :)


    I'm lvl 48 atm, and it will take 2 weeks to get 49... then 1 month for 50.

    50-55 i don't even wanna think about that one lol

  • TyrantasTyrantas Member UncommonPosts: 369

    To get 18lvl it took for me 8h, i am warrior but i also trained ranged and shield skills.

  • NinixNinix Member Posts: 190

    it takes looooooong time if u want a good char.. and max pt in everything... but its worth it when u finally reach lvl 4x....


  • AsamofAsamof Member UncommonPosts: 824

    it takes a long time and frankly it's not worth it, your time is better spent elsewhere.

  • HowlingFishHowlingFish Member Posts: 28

    Like an ideal lover, its someone you wanna invest some time and commitment with... not someone u can have action right off the start. But when u do get some "loving" its worth it...

  • OltzuOltzu Member UncommonPosts: 103

    well.. the way to the loving should be entertaining too :P

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