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Better than RF ?

ArawonArawon Member Posts: 1,108

I have a level 10 Cora and for the life of me cannnot get one person in the game to answer questions I have as a newbie...Not once.

 Is there a better game than this that has a  more friendly player base ?(I am a x veteran DAOC player and looking for group pvp/rvr. ?? It doesn't have to be a play for free game ?


  • ValentinaValentina Member RarePosts: 1,982

    The Lord of the Rings community is really nice, head over to those forums and check it out. :) I've not been big into F2P games, so I can't help you with that..Only P2P...May try Lineage 2 as well, some pretty nice people on there!

  • ExerhellExerhell Member Posts: 3
    Please, i beg you this. Do not quit because someone has not answered the questions you need to have answered.. That is part of starting a new MMORPG, is finding out stuff on your own, but yet, you do need help a lot of the time that can best be explained by people of higher level than you. Stick with the game much longer, please, RF-Online is probably one of the best MMORPG's i have played in a long time. It is well thought out and it has very good gameplay. If you really want to, go to the
    Server= Novus
    Race= Accretia (however it's spelled)

    my name(case Sensitive)= Exerhell

    I will, or will try, to answer any possible questions i can, and for the sake of it, join my race, we are better ;).


    PS. Level 31 Launcher when i left this message :)
  • daeandordaeandor Member UncommonPosts: 2,693

    If you are using map chat, it can be quite difficult to get answers.  And sometimes the conversations there are quite disjointed and your question gets answered without your knowing.


    Look in the guide section of the official forums, many of your questions can probably be answered there.  I posted a link in a thread asking for guides.

    MMORPG forum thread


    Guides on official forums


    What was your question?

  • MaggotscreamMaggotscream Member Posts: 284

    Your money doesn't go towards the community to answer your questions.

    edit: lol it's f2p, well there you go. They don't owe you anything.

  • ArawonArawon Member Posts: 1,108

       Your so right M.You meet and don't meet all kinds.   

  • daeandordaeandor Member UncommonPosts: 2,693

    I personally have had every question I've ever asked in map chat answered.  So your results obviously varied from mine.

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