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Is your error Exceptional?

Last night an error popped up.

It read "Exceptional Error"

What is so exceptional about this error? Blah!

It froze my game and killed it.

It lets me get back on so it isn't THAT bad but it does it again eventually.

Any idea what's causing it or wha?

I like Trickster so far..though the interaction between the players is a bit well..bleh. If bleh can describe anything.

Maybe it's just me.

Oh well.



  • nituronituro Member Posts: 5

     the same to me


  • Bah.

    I think I've fixed it.

    I read that when you pull up the menu for  Trickster


    Check Files

    before loading up the game and blah.


    It should make sure you're updated on everything. Maybe it'll help. Who knows.

  • nituronituro Member Posts: 5


    i will try


  • 88alucard8888alucard88 Member Posts: 2

    thanks ...heh i was scared for a second


  • DarkArcanaDarkArcana Member Posts: 3

    Guys from what i heard, this exceptional thing is a major bug

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