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Can free players get in any more?

seabluesseablues Member Posts: 58

    I left KE 2 years ago for gw and have NEVER looked back, but some of my guys were fooling around with the new report command in gw and got each  other banned for 72 hrs.  They picked silkroad, so i told them to goto ko.  Then we all downloaded the client the servers are down w/o and mention of this on any webiste, I can see KO is still run by money grubbers to who you shovel you hard earn $$s to...LOL.

Will the 72hr ban be over b4 we can play KO?




  • DreathorDreathor Member Posts: 537

    It is possible. Try a 2 or 3 server, and if you get the message that non premium users can not log in, close and reopen your client and try again. A few tries should do it. It is much harder at a peak playing time, though.

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  • KrAzYBLADEKrAzYBLADE Member Posts: 70

    Forget KO, i did. Try another game like Archlord its way better than KO and plus i know that alot of people gripe about the language barrier in KO and Archlord i found alot of english speaking people there. Its free and the servers are pretty good.

  • PainAeroPainAero Member Posts: 15

    KO Is The Best Game Ever You just have To Log On At The Right Time To Get On Servers 1 .2 .3

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  • KrAzYBLADEKrAzYBLADE Member Posts: 70
    Originally posted by PainAero

    KO Is The Best Game Ever You just have To Log On At The Right Time To Get On Servers 1 .2 .3

    I used to say the same thing too.... lol... you will say other things after you play a few months longer.

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