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runescape poles

What would u rate runescape


  • What would make this game alot better is if people stoped scamming and selling account,money,ect

  • LlamsterLlamster Member Posts: 234

    The scamming and gold market isn't as bad as the overall immaturity of the community. And the community isn't as bad as the low-end graphics and dull gameplay.

    On your poll, I rated it a 6.



    Have played: RuneScape, EQ2 (free trial), Last Chaos, Silk Road, Dungeon Runners.
    Currently playing: RuneScape, Dungeon Runners.

    The notion that graphics, or anything else for that matter, are anywhere near as important as gameplay/fun is so utterly ridiculous that anyone who shares such a view should be placed in an asylum.

  • bobdorfbobdorf Member Posts: 17

    Originally posted by Llamster

    The scamming and gold market isn't as bad as the overall immaturity of the community. And the community isn't as bad as the low-end graphics and dull gameplay.
    On your poll, I rated it a 6.
    Totally agree, and I gave it a 6 too before reading your post.

    There IS a good community, if you can find it. My personal experience leads me to believe those people only account for ~5% of the total community generally, and perhaps 1% of the f2p community. But believe it or not, being rude, boorish, dishonest (to an extent), and/or sadistic is not against the rules (lying about certain things gets you black marks though You might be safe in saying that any mmo that doesn't have strict behavioral guidelines is inviting player stupidity.

  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167

    I gave it a 7, if it wasn't for average graphics, immature community and amount of bots it would be higher.


  • DemonZabuzaDemonZabuza Member Posts: 71

    I gave it a 9 because as you get higher lvl you can do more, and there are less probelms in p2p

  • xiper22xiper22 Member Posts: 1

    I gave your poll a 0

    im sy to all ruin scape fans but I see it to be the worst MMO of all time.

    It looks horrible

    people ingame dont even try to rolplay

    and with so many people cheating (gold) it is no fun to play honest.

  • bobdorfbobdorf Member Posts: 17
    Originally posted by xiper22

    people ingame dont even try to rolplay

    I won't dispute the other things you said, but realistically you shouldn't expect any MMO to have what you mentioned above (about role-playing) unless roleplaying is actually enforced. In my experience, WoW, EVE, etc. don't have much hardcore roleplaying for the same reason that Runescape doesn't have much roleplaying - there's no rule that encourages strict roleplaying.

  • DemonZabuzaDemonZabuza Member Posts: 71

    I havent seen roleplaying in any MMORPG and when you meet some1 who does do it in a game it gets annoying

  • devilisciousdeviliscious Member UncommonPosts: 4,359

    lol... role playing ... hahah!! ok .. yea when like someone gets "too" into a game it is just plain creepy... your like thinkin to look up shrinks in the yellow pages and give them the number =x.. games are way better when people stay real lol.

  • SladelordSladelord Member Posts: 27

    ok i gave it a 9.0

    if it had better grafics and no scamming etc.

    it would be over the charts

    but grapics r getting better

  • bobdorfbobdorf Member Posts: 17

    Do you want us to consider scamming, etc.? Your poll says "Grafics of RS", so I assumed it was only about the graphics when I voted.

    I think they're great for JAVA and the sheer volume of content shows all the hundreds of thousands of hours (total, among all the developers) that have gone into creating the entirety of the game world, plus Jagex updates the way previously designed areas look.

    But you can't get past the fact that the technology available in a JAVA, browser-based game will likely never compare with decent download mmo's, graphically. If you care about having high resolution, you'll probably hate runescape.

    I gave the graphics a 3 (below average), for professional effort with professional results, given the somewhat unique (read, unappealing for the graphically inclined) choice of technology made by the company 

    Many people will tell you the gameplay makes up for the graphics...

  • draguleadragulea Member Posts: 249

    The only way to implement substantially better graphics is to revamp the entire game and release a new version (see the difference between Runescape Classic and the online version). But I doubt this will happen any time soon. The current Runescape world is vast and difficult to reproduce. The Jagex team is pretty tied up with managing the game as it is (the updates alone take time to develop).

    Or course better graphics would help the game gaining even more players since this is the major draw back, but on the other hand, I don't think a completely up to date fully 3D world will be Runescape anymore. As weird as it may sound, there is a certain appeal in the ugliness of the game :)

  • DemonZabuzaDemonZabuza Member Posts: 71

    The Graphics of runescape are different from most other games. But I think its a good thing.

    Instead of your reguler move with keys and press a button to slash runescape is clicking only.

    For some reason its fun like that.

  • NadrilNadril Member Posts: 1,276

    The OP is a prime example of why runescape has the worst community out of any MMORPG, ever.



    I mean 00000000000.00000000000? That is no ****in different than 0.

  • KnightHawk63KnightHawk63 Member Posts: 75

    So... I logged in yesterday for the first time in a year to see the new market place.  I go to leave Falador when a little kid comes up to me saying "my main can beat you up".  All I could really do was laugh and state that, thats what everyone does in this game anymore.  He then started bashing me and saying that my mom was fat etc etc etc.  I logged off right there lol.

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    Played: WAR, LOTRO, EVE, WoW, EQ2, SWG, STO
    Waiting: TOR

  • Leone1989Leone1989 Member Posts: 6

    PEOPLE!! have we lost are true gaming spirit! =[


    when the hell did grapics mean anything.. honeslty.. as long as the game is fun to play grapics dont mean much, i mean i love max payne and the grapics where shitty but i always plaay it to this day.

    Runescape grapics are fine for a game running under java cut it some freaking slack ppl, you people bitch about grapics, you try and creat a game with amazing grapics on a java system, and make it a MMORPG you wont get far.

    it just makes me madd how ppl say runescape grapics suck, o well the game it still fun and i can see me playing it till im 30 years old [ if its still around]  

    i might be a loser, but hell i own 8D


  • starfox45634starfox45634 Member Posts: 41

    LOL thats hillarious!


    i agree with runescapes community... i mean it would be pretty sweet for a java game if it wasnt for those kiddies.. if only there mothers washed there mouth up with soap :P.

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