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What kind of Combat ??

NeoKyosuke18NeoKyosuke18 Member Posts: 204

I've been lookin and can't seem to find any info on this. How is the combat. From the looks of the movie file i got, it looks player controlled similiar to (but better than) Risk your Life.

Now is this a click and wait game or a do it yourself game?

I'm axiously waiting a good do it yourself game. clicking and waiting for the pc to do what I could do with more fun is getting a bit boring.


  • NeoKyosuke18NeoKyosuke18 Member Posts: 204

    ... Anybody??

  • KartelKartel Member Posts: 241

    Neither. It's all about the skills. You click an enemy to select it (or use one of several hotkeys to select), then you use the skills that you have set up for the mission. You have a bar with 8 slots, and you fill it with 8 skills of your choice. Yes, it does auto-attack with the regular/non-skill attack after you have an enemy selected and begun the attack. But you are by no means "waiting" for anything ..unless waiting to DIE. You have to actively and intelligently use your skills (as well as have a good party and good teamwork), or you won't get far. It's really challenging and fast-paced.

  • NeoKyosuke18NeoKyosuke18 Member Posts: 204

    great!! thanx thats what I was hoping for.. fast paced!!!

  • GaileGrayGaileGray ArenaNet Community Mngr.Member Posts: 72

    Yes, it can be pretty fast paced indeed. Many of the skills have a casting time and a charge up time, so it's great fun to really get a handle on the perfect execution of a combination of skills. For instance, last night I was fighting 3 skeletons while my teammates were away dealing with other monsters. I was playing as a Ranger/Monk, so had my skills based on archery and on healing. I started out attacking at range using Kindle Arrow combined with Dual Shot. Remember, there is as chance of missing (as there should be) so I had to watch carefully to see what sort of damage I was doing. Since I had time before they moved in, I was able to blast the chosen target (focusing fire, naturally, not scattering it around on the various monsters) with a second Kindled Arrow. (Skeletons hate fire damage. ;)

    So I had one skeleton reduced by perhaps up to 1/2 his health, but two other very healthy skeletons attacking me, one at range, one melee (my target was also melee). With three attackers, I was fortunate to be backed by the healing spells. So I used my Amulet of Healing with gives me a decent boost (but perhaps not high enough  *makes mental note for designers*). image

    After using the healing amulet, I shot another Kindled Arrow at my target. I turned, ran out of the AoE range of my Heal Area, cast it for a dual boost coupled with the Healing Amulet. The I finished off the first skeleton with a couple of swipes of my axe. Swapped to bow, targeted the ranger attacker, cast offensive spells (this time Ignite Arrow for double damage), healed to avoid the melee guy, ran when necessary, swapped for a couple of hits of the axe, back to bow, cast again... and was eventually examining the sorry bones of three smited enemies.

    So you see what's going on with just the first kill, right? Five skills (four different, one repeat) in probably less than one minute, with a couple of weapon swaps, too.

    Don't get me wrong, though. Guild Wars isn't a "twitchy" game, and I think it's good that it isn't strictly an eye-hand coordination fest. In an RPG, I want to be fully involved, but I don't want all my attention focused on my fingers! What Guild Wars takes, to play it very well, is this really excellent layering of skills and abilities, of offense and defense, of attack and repair, even sometimes of fight and flight. I guess it's called strategy. :) 

    Gaile Gray
    Community Relations Manager
    ArenaNet &

    Gaile Gray
    Community Relations Manager
    ArenaNet &

  • LivbytheswrdLivbytheswrd Member Posts: 3
    Yes from what I have played it is very fast paced and the game is very fluid in the way it is played the controls are very easy to pick up and there is a lot of variation in combat. All and all I can't wait for this game to finally be released so I can see the full power of the combat system.



  • YasardogleYasardogle Member UncommonPosts: 32

    While the ability to run speed the mission up is there, why risk it? From what I saw in the E3 Demo, the missions got much, much harder after each one. Speeding things up for your party might just end up speeding up your death. Strategy is a big part of the missions(a good thing for instanced zones).

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