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Besides free Codemaster double the drop rate recently

leenyleeny Member Posts: 9

Note from codemaster's website.

They double the drop rate for RF Online from 23th Oct.

Official link to download and get free to play key: link


  • pepcfreakpepcfreak Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Well lets put it this way. If they hadent uped the drop rate Lumen would have failed. Granted there were level 45s in a week but they couldnt buy or find armor for their character elt alone the weapons... Go figure. not to mention sustain there pot usage. I quit playing on Lumen based on the fact by the time i hit 35 i was completely BROKE with no source of income. Couldnt farm casue i got hit more times than i could afford pots. The drop rates were broke.

    With the new drop rates the game is better but still a hell of a grind.

    It is by far the best free mmo out there hands down. Then in a close second would be CABAL.

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