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thinking of joining but have a question

sinloisinloi Member UncommonPosts: 201

I'd rather not do scout or assasin becuase I have a feeling they are the big numbers


I'd like to play a theif more becuase I always enjoy more theifly roles as opposed to backstabbing


I would still like to be useful in a guild though

I was thinking of going either rogue Barbarian or rogue thief and taking something like saboteur or some such not sure what other disciplines would be good though.


anyone have any advice I really would enjoy being a thief.


or maybe a nightstalker with sabatour and blackmask or some such.


  • ShalandarShalandar Member Posts: 51

    Join a guild. Roll a barbarian. Simple---just to learn the game.

    read the class forum and build your character. Pay attention to the comments from the guys players respect. Easy to figure out who knows their stuff cold.

    A theif is a challenge to play--my favorite also. But this was back when entire guilds were created just  to hunt us down and forums crammed with whiners crying because we stole everything including the kitchen sink from their backpacks while they were just standing there IDing  loot in the bank.  Hehe, too much fun. 

    I would hold off on a theif until you learn the game--and have an established guild hook you up.


    Just my opinion.


    **Edited for spelling.

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