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Blade or Glavie

rodrigoikrodrigoik Member Posts: 13

ok im gona create a new character . its gona be full str but what should it be blader or glavier and what element fire or ice???




  • AngeLenaAngeLena Member Posts: 5

     if you all str ,Glavie is better for then.glavie has stronger phy.attack.

  • NiveKSliaKNiveKSliaK Member UncommonPosts: 88

    Fire Glavie : Highest physical atk, good defence , low mag def

                          kills fast, means fast lvling, fast gold

                          good in 1 vs 1 but when more start attacking start running :P


    Ice Blade : Good atk , high defence , block from shield ( VERY GOOD o.o), low mag def

                        kills slower than fire glavie, lvls slower, less gold

                        owns in 1 vs 1 and can go on more than 1 easily (because of the block rate)


    I hope that helped >.>


  • rodrigoikrodrigoik Member Posts: 13

    hmm fire or ice blade which one is better?

  • DeadsolidDeadsolid Member Posts: 3

    Fire Glavie, Fire Blader.  I personally wouldnt use ice unless I was a nuker though there are strong strength builds with ice.

  • NiveKSliaKNiveKSliaK Member UncommonPosts: 88

    ice blader, why?

    ice makes your oppenent hit a lot slower+your shield block it's insane they won't even get to hit you

  • rodrigoikrodrigoik Member Posts: 13

    i think il go blade with fire because more atack. ie blade is cool but they can only freeze the monster they are ataking so what if they are moved? they only freeze 1. so il go fire and learn that ice skill that only freezes the enemy i think its cold or something nova

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