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Age of Armor beta Problems

WarddenWardden Member Posts: 119

Ok I downloaded this Beta and after it is all installed when I try to play It will not let me log on:

I got the password and account name from their site and when I try to open the program there is not even a prompt to input the information the site gave me. There is however an option to start the game so I click on it and am taken to a screen with 4 robots two of which say Cosmoa and two that say unopened, when I click on a robot I go to a screen with some planets but I just sit there when I cancel out a login screen appears for a second but then the game closes.

Anyone who has successfully played this Beta please let me know what I am doing wrong

Never mind this post I just got official word from Dev Open Beta does not start for two more days lol wish they made that clear!

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