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have they started beta yet?

Seanw725Seanw725 Member Posts: 11

Hey all, this game looks pretty sick!


But have they started a beta that can be regestired for yet or anything?


Thanks in advance!


  • jermell18jermell18 Member UncommonPosts: 124

    Nah the beta hanst arrived to the U.S. yet. I think it'll be a long long while before we see it. Probably about 1 - 3 months.

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  • jmmcglojmmcglo Member Posts: 203

    Korean closed BETA is scheduled to start at the end of this month. Nothing has been released as far as US closed/open BETA dates.


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  • DeatrixDeatrix Member Posts: 47

    i hope NCSoft doesnt feel rushed on this project, id rather it take another 6 months for beta to hit U.S soil than have a pile of crap to test next month

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