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AoA closed beta summary

MaggotKingMaggotKing Member Posts: 1

okay ive noticed alot of bad rep for this game but not much positive stuff being said, i personally played 2nd CB from beginning to end, was in the biggest active corps by the end, we were mars aligned and owned 4 cities on one of the PvP planets, we tried to participate in just about everything the game had to offer, just thought id share a more thorough descrip. since open beta will be starting soon.

PvE is mainly hack and slash, dont look for much as far as storyline quests, the main story of this game is the struggle between the factions, the PvE here is mostly just for lvling to the point where you have the ability to better your char for PvP.

and yes the graphics arent the greatest, but the customization and gameplay more then made up for it imo.

there were a few glitches and bugs, but that should be expected when playing a CB game.

the PvP in the game was extremely balanced, each race had their space in battle: natural humans were healer/aoe/or could focus on disabling others. Enhanced humans were the fastest and tended to be the tanks when built right. and Neo humans were the high dmg. high range sniper class. with each race built and played right it was a huge game of rock, paper, scissor. whoever was faster or a better player won the fight. and the community was excellent, alot of helpful and decent players.

the biggest downside that i noticed about gameplay was just the fact that the other faction lacked enough active PvP players to turn the battles into a major challenge.

in conclusion if your looking for an in depth quest storyline this game is not your thing, but for those who enjoy lvling for the sheer pleasure of battling others and seeing how far you can push your char. you may find this game very interesting. others that may find this game a true gem is those who love customization and the ability to individually advance certain parts of your mech (or armor) that you dont want to part with.

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