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TooEaZyTooEaZy Member Posts: 2

How can i creat account and how can i download the game ?image


  • sschruppsschrupp Member UncommonPosts: 571
    You can't, and you can't. As you'll notice you posted to a game that's in the "Games in Development" category. This means the game isn't out yet. And if you had done a little bit of research you would have noticed that there's not even a beta test yet to sign up for. Which leads me to wonder why you are even asking. If you know nothing about the game or its current status I'd guess you wouldn't be one of their first picks to help test the game if it ever got to that point. Unless you meant to post this under a different game? If so I take all that back.. hehe.

  • FlashGordanFlashGordan Member Posts: 56
    You dont have to be an a'ss to the guy he was just asking a question and he probably isnt some hardcore i live for games guy and just wanted to play the da'mn game.

    Move along, nothing to see here.

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