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Just started today

I just started playing SQO today, and I didn't even wait for the seven day trial to be over before I bought a three month membership !


This game is COOL, you can do whatever you want and be what ever you want, the community is mature and very helpful, the devs are actually in-game and on the message boards constantly.  Bye bye SWG, I'm an SQO addict now


  • C0rkyC0rky Member Posts: 7

    Welcome to SQO...


    HEHE, I may know or first paying member.


    *Craddles this new information*

  • LordconellLordconell Member Posts: 12

    Welcome to SQO im glade your a addict.


    In other words injoy your stay

  • GungaTGungaT Member Posts: 9

    Welcome to Starquest Online! May you sleep well when able to physically  or mentally chain your  thoughts on real life!

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