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Here is a review from a newbie's (to this game) perspective.

OK, I am not a noob to MMO's lets get that out of the way. I was in UO just after they introduced Trammell. and Fellucia was still pretty packed. I played EQ and EQ2. I was in SWG Pre-CU. so I have been in a few games.

I saw this one on another site and liked the concept, but never played it. I needed something new recently so I tried the 10 hours free and was hooked.  This game is great. not going to talk about teh grafix, you can get past that. The gameplay is easy to figure out but hard to master, easy to understand skill leveling system, and if you are having problems the community is great for helping you out.

One of the main things I like about the game is the skill based combat. How well you use your ship and its various features determine you effectiveness in combat more than your "skills" from leveling. Your equipment has alot to do with it, but there is no UBER RARE PURPLE***** that gives someone the complete edge in PvP.  Once you get past your newbie phase, you can start in PvP.

The trade aspect is a little light in my opinion, but most people don't join this game to trade and skill up, they join to fight



  • B0NGB0NG Member Posts: 2

    Good review that sums up the finer points of WoP

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