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Chinnese Blader OR Euro 1h Sword Warrior

Hi i been playing SRO for a couple of weeks and i decided il create a new character but i dont know wich kind of 1h sword + shield character is better. A chinnese blader or a european 1h sword + shield ? wich one is better ! PLEASE HELP ME !!!!

if chinnese is better wich element should i choose then ? same for euro warrior wich sub mastery ?




  • heathenkniteheathenknite Member Posts: 15

    i played the 2h for euro and i lved up to lv 20 in 1 day its awsome..the power inflicted on the monster are massive even without the skill...bladers for chinese get stronger and i mean way stronger with the skills sub skills to go with chinese bladers are cold element. GL N HF playin silkroad

  • AmalaricAmalaric Member Posts: 480

    Dual wielding axes is the way to go 

    You have fast attack speed and do more damage than with a onehanded sword plus that using a shield is over rated with that you have healing potions with almost zero cooldown 

  • i'd say a chinese bladfer i have played with both and i think in pvp is better the chinese and at higher lvls their knockbacks and combo with warlock like effects can do a lot of damage!! 1h sword is very tough but he REALLY CANT kill anyone lol

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