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News from the official site

neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

Hmmm... Hoping for regular updates...
I know it is a long-shot underdog, but I love an underdog!

September 28, 2007
Hello from Atriana!   After an extended no-holds-barred thumb-wrestling match, Vkoreh, the Cavolonian diplomat won a mighty concession from Serafina, the Unarran Atriarch. While no political ground was gained (or lost, the Unarrans state emphatically), the Cavolons have been granted access to and control of the newscasting.

Atriarch Serafina graciously released the following post-competition release, "Those Cavolons and their whirly-gig trickery may have won the battle but we're confident that Atriana will remain ours. On a personal note, that Vkoreh is one crafty thumb-wrestler, especially given that species lack of thumbs!"

Vkoreh has vowed to share some of the Cavolonian empires' vast knowledge storehouses with the other species as a show of good faith. In his first editorial victory, Vkoreh releases an excerpt from an Exclusive Interview with Dana Massey of the WarCry Network held this spring: WarCry: One of the biggest challenges with such an old game still in development has to be keeping technology current. Can you talk about some of the technical things you've added/changed over the years to keep the game up to date? Serafina: When Atriarch releases, some of it will be cutting edge and some of it will be a blunt edge. We are working on some smoking hot new features that you have not seen in any MOG yet to date. As soon as we know it works as planned, we'll be plastering about it online all over! It is very exciting. In other areas, there are some features that are not the hottest. oh well, can't win them all.
You can read more here:

This is where I draw the line: __________________.



  • ValiumSummerValiumSummer Member Posts: 1,008

    Brutal honesty FTW?  (Or perhaps for the loss).

    I got wind of this game I think about 7 years ago, after quitting Ultima Online.   I was very excited and signed up for the (cough) Beta.  

    I'm  truly amazed that this game is still worth of a spot on this site's list despite not being released (yet).

    I'd try it.  

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