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Comparing and talking about the different types

  -Job Comparing


And now to compare our jobs in Trickster Online, lets start with our Shaman and Librarians.  They are not what you would call defensive which gives them a disadvantage over Charm types, but can do a a lot of damage, (so sucks to power types).  The don't miss much because most of their spells are homing.  Now for the Sense types.  Good if you like having a lot skills to worry about, or if you like killing with guns....  Charm types are good if, ummmmmmm...... If you put your looks first . Thought really, Charms have extra good defence.  Now for power types, strong good for doing lots of damage, or if you like being strong!!  Just joking,  The power Types real specialty is high damage, it can do the most over all others!



  • SwiftpainSwiftpain Member Posts: 35

    Charm are like support chars. Don't play one if you don't really want to support your team.

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