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Patch answers are from Trickster REVOLUTION FAQ site.
Please PM me if u have a point to FAQ.


Q: Is Trickster REVOLUTION free??
A: Yes, it is and it will remain free. Free are both signing up and playing.

Q: Where can I find minimal/recommended game requirements?
A: Look answer below.

Q: Where can I get game client?
A: On Trickster REVOLUTION download page

Q: I get an error during installation - problem with writing some file.
A: No matter on which drive you are installing Trickster, make sure to have AT LEAST 2GB of free space on main disc (usually c:). If it won't help check again and change intallation language to french (?).

Q: The patch is not working. What should I do?
A: In most cases, user needs to download a new client. However, you can also try to download the manual patch file from the download section and overwrite these files on to your Trickster Online directory.

Q: I get an error after my patching progress is finished. What should I do?
A: One of the reason why patching was not done properly is because the file transferring process was interrupted due to unstable internet connection on your home network environment. In other words, your internet connection might not be stable and is probably losing some file data while patches are being transferred to your computer. You can start Trickster Online again to receive patches from where you left off.

Q: Game crushes after launching/after I enter nickname and password.
A: Do you launch Trickster VIA XFire? If that so, try to run it with xfire closed - lately they don't seem to get along well with each other.

Q: How can I change resolution to higher, just like Zorlac did? I didn't understand a word from his explanation!
A: If you didn't, then probably you shouldn't try to do it, but if you wish to take a risk...
launch regedit.exe
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Ntreev > Trickster_GSP > Setup
Then you have to change widthPixel and heightPixel - double click on them and change 1024 into let's say 1280 - 1280x1024 change on aaaaxbbbb
Here's picture: Screen
Now all you have to do is go into your game's directory, and search there for all files containing 1024 in name, and change these 1024 into your 1280 or whatever you changed in registry.
This answer is just Zorlac's answer in easier way - I didn't find out it by myself.

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