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Smolderthorn horde!!

tu_uilwentu_uilwen Member Posts: 794

Hey I am looking for a decent guild on the smolderthorn server.




Level: 70



Raiding experience:full MC, full AQ 20/ZG, AQ40 up to battle guard satura, Up to chromaggus in bwl, ony.


Mining 375/375

first aid 375/375


I am decent gear but I;ve just got out of basic training a month ago and all so I am looking ot get back up alittle bit and get ack into the swing of things. I have the first part of the kara key and I am willing to do any heroics and all to get better gear. Please let me know on here or send me a message on Smlderthorn.

-Rhalon 85 B.E. rogue
-Rhalon 81 UD Mage
-Doneski 85 Orc death knight

"Everyones life has a beginning and an end, No one can change that."-Hiko
"If you wish to taste the ground, then feel free to attack."-Kenshin Himura

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