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mudkip9001mudkip9001 Member Posts: 37

why is this here? habbo hotel isn't a mmorpg. its a shitty chat interface for emo teenagers. there is no "massively multiplayer" element to it, its consisted entirely of multiple chat rooms and maybe a few stupid games you can play. i've seen how many people are online at once on this. its not massive. there is no "rpg" element to it. who are you role-playing? yourself? just because a chat room has moderately large about of users it doesn't fall under the category of "mmorpg". what is going to be added next, card games from the MSN gaming zone?


  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167

    i agree with you. I played about a year ago for about 5 minutes until realising the only thing to do is talk.


  • hellsfearhellsfear Member UncommonPosts: 83

    this games looks like a pixelized verzion of  "wheres waldo" lol

  • AethiosAethios Member Posts: 1,527

    Hearing the name of this game and reading what it's about brings only one thing to mind:


    "omg liek lol u want 2 cyber?"

  • QSProductionQSProduction Member Posts: 12

    This site is wrong to be here for many reasons, and I wouldnt call it anything more than a 16bit 2D chatroom.

    Its not even a virtual hotel. I never realised you actually needed to buy your own furniture in a hotel, and with real money. This chatroom is the biggest money making scam off little kids that get addicted through their own competition against others. Some may say that about games like WOW, the difference is at least in WOW they have given a bit of thought out to the game and your paying for something thats worth it, Habbo could have been created over night with paint, just go into some of the fan sites and you will understand.

    Targetting anyone over 13 years old, most kids that age dont know when to stop when it comes to buying, and many become addicted to the stupidly priced pixels, not because they look good, but because they want to look more well off than the other guy.

    There are many racist comments, bullying, and other anoyances that go flying round the rooms and not much is done about it, they do ban, but there is no IP ban or anything more than just banning an acount to my knowledge. 

    Theres even a sense of gambling on the game. You can play dice games where people have bought dice and placed them in their rooms, but most people want to play the dice games with the furniture you have bought. So imagine you just payed 10 pounds to buy some furniture, and dicide to use this furniture as a way of betting in the dice game, would you concider this online gambling? and this being played by mostly teenagers, is this illegal? this is basically underaged gambling

    All of this is true and most people will agree. this is not an RPG and in the end its not fun. stay away from this chatroom as it is very addictive and when you dicide to leave, you will be asking yourself where all your money went. there are many better chat rooms and games you could play that are twice as exciting and actually uses your graphic card. I hope players from habbo will one day see sence and play some good mmorpgs instead of this chatroom.

    ps: yes im in a bad mood m/ rock forever lol


  • LiddokunLiddokun Member UncommonPosts: 1,665

    It's like the modern HTML version of AOL Emo Teen chat room, but if AOL can charge $20 bucks and get away with it why not HABBO.

  • FoxF9FoxF9 Member Posts: 4


    Originally posted by OP



    funny, that was my exact reaction upon seeing Ha/b/bo Hotel in the game list.

    remove pl0x, this isn't close to an mmo


  • DanielmsmithDanielmsmith Member Posts: 12

    I think we should keep it on the listings just so we can keep complaining about it for ages... but thats just me. Though I do agree that this does not count as an MMO.

  • hawaiimanhawaiiman Member Posts: 70

    Besides this not being an mmorpg people even had the balls to rate it over 1 point man i wish staff could rate it and take it offline

  • TheUnknownMTheUnknownM Member UncommonPosts: 29

    you just talk i hate this game

  • Basil90Basil90 Member Posts: 6

    Habbo is a chat room game, but it's graphical where you can move and make rooms that seem life like. People really shouldn't be complaining that it isn't an MMO, because technically it is.MMO stands for Massive Multiplayer Online. A lot of people still play Habbo and new people are coming to enjoy it. Around 10,000 online users are on per day for more than an hour so technically you can't say it isn't massive. It is multiplayer because you're interacting with other people and of course it's online. This website is an MMO and MMORPG listing website/fourm. Not just MMORPG and I don't think the people that manage this site are dumb.

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