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Any MMORPG's worth playing???

Ive played City of Heroes/City of Villians for almost 2 years.  Ive been looking around for something new to play a while and i continuously get disappointed with the trials i try.  Is there anything out there that even compares to the graphics and playability of CoV/CoH? Ultima Online was a joke like it was made in the 80s and playable on nintendo.  Asherson's Call was another graphics disappointment.  WoW and EQ was OK but did NOT like the targetting and attack methods.  I dont mind paying to play a game at all, but dam is there any out there worth it after CoH and Cov??




  • domaandomaan Member Posts: 18

    I too am looking for a game to play, but am dissapointed in the one's that are out there atm, I would go back to DAoC in a second if there was a bigger community.

    Right now I am waiting anxiously for Age of Conan. Im a pvp addict and AoC looks like a good drug...

  • domaandomaan Member Posts: 18

    I forgot to say that maybe you should try out Guild Wars, was one of the first games i've ever played and has a decent balance of pvp/pve, but pvp overruling a little.

  • sezulsezul Member Posts: 10

    I played Guild Wars about a year before I started with CoH/CoV. 



  • musicstarmusicstar Member Posts: 5

    LF a new1 ,too

    any recommendation?

  • ArawonArawon Member Posts: 1,108

    Don't settle.....many are feeling like you......companys need to understand they can keep repackaging the same ole same ole.

  • bluesky998bluesky998 Member Posts: 5

    Different people have different ideas

    but i think most people here like mmorpg

    i just playing for half a year

    but i really like it


  • freeleefreelee Member Posts: 102


    wow, that's the best choice i thk

    and zu, may be. i'm playing it now.

  • Bedlem3342Bedlem3342 Member UncommonPosts: 252

                                                       Coh/cov  were two awsome games ,i played them both (coh most) but they were still great .But after bout 1 1/2 years i got tired of seeing the same people under atlas just bitching ,so i started to look for a new game and  i found 2 new great games right off the bat, Lotro and EVE ,i played the trial on eve and thought it was a great game but i could never get used to the space genre so i went with Lotro and i am very satisfied ,VERY. EvE was good , and if you are interested  in EVE send me a PM because  i have 2 good friends that play and can git you started fast .And even if you would like Lotro please send me a PM and i can help , GL mmo hunting!

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