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Automan, Time to choose your new armor

sjmiasjmia Member Posts: 41

Automan, Time to choose your new armor

Automan, Time to choose your new armor

Are you tired of those old cars, out of dated weapons? Now you have a new choice, Join the Age of Armor; assemble your brand new armor, equipped with high-tech weapons, start your new transformer war.

Age of Armor is a brand new 3D MMO RPG, and open task with unique transforming system will bring you a new concept of MMO RPG.


  • zagreoszagreos Member Posts: 53

    You forgot to mention AOA is still in development and lack translaters to make dramatic improvements to the game.  So you can't transform yet and can't do alot of the thing the full game has so play the bata, learn, and join the game until full update.

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