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RFonline from Codemasters goes free2play too?

NewMonsterNewMonster Member Posts: 417

RFonline from Codemasters goes free2play too?

RFonline from philipine goes free2play in the next expansion right?

now does RFonline from Codemasters will be free2play as well when the expansion comes?

I always feel that RFonline is a free2play than an actual monthly fee.... it looks and feel like a free2play ever since I heard about it and have a feeling that it will turn free2play some day... and now i heard that it will!


  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182

    RF online from Codemasters already is free to play.

  • NewMonsterNewMonster Member Posts: 417
    Originally posted by Gameloading

    RF online from Codemasters already is free to play.

    how?? when??? since when?? cause yesterday I went to codemasters official RF online site and I see the fornt page it says free trial so that musta mean it is not free2play yet... how can it be free2play? explain please? or the site just misleading people? but why?

  • frkhot97frkhot97 Member Posts: 393

    As far as I know, the game is free to play on their "test server".

  • s0ulls0ull Member Posts: 186

    If you download the free trial, you won't have to pay any subscription fee's ever, the game is now 100% f2p

  • KusaNagi1KusaNagi1 Member Posts: 82

    what if you have existing accounts :P

    i have 2 accounts with 40+ acc and bell

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  • IstyreanIstyrean Member Posts: 9

    If you already have an account you can go to your account details and reactivate the accounts free of charge.

  • NewMonsterNewMonster Member Posts: 417

    oh now i see.... I went to trial planet and download the client and no need to get the key. I used to have the trial few years ago. I have codemasters account so I went to the codemasters account and click on RFonline reactivate account and beside it says no payment required! so it is free!!!

    ive been feeling that RFonline will turn free2plat someday i jus knew it! cuz it doesnt look so worth to be monthly fee. i dont understand why some reviews says rg online graphic look good... enviorment is jus plain with less objects! jus like lineage2! most koreans mmo has top notch character modeling but inferior enviorment! and american/euro mmos usually have superior enviorment but ugly character modeling.

    its another koreans traditional grind festival but i still say archlord is the worst of all. how can people withstand the boring repetitive mindlessly grind? do u thinik  its fun to attack monsters for hours and hours? i really want to experience rfonline in high level and see all its skill/moves but damm i hate the grind!

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