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Lunia, good or bad?



  • Hordequester8Hordequester8 Member Posts: 54

    Boring, clunky, laggy, and repetitive. You're better off not downloading it and saving yourself the disappointment. Most of the claims about the game in this thread are false from my own personal experience.

    Though, you might enjoy this game if you like the same old rehash of every other Korean-style F2P MMORPG out there. Claims action combat but it's just the hotkey bar rearranged with timers to give the illusion you're actually doing something.

    All in all, it's a gimmick and not a very good one at that. If you want to have fun, look elsewhere.

  • archlordbrarchlordbr Member Posts: 1

    I played the Brazillian version of Lunia, and I think it was entertaining for a while,  But the leveling is kind of too easy up to level 60. They set a path for you: do 1-1 up to 1-10, then skip to 2-5 because the rest is worthless, then 2-10, repeat until you're level 20, then do 3-5, 3-10, repeat, and so on. You do that and get to level 60 in one day. Some players don't even need parties to run the maps (though a party makes it easier). I got to level 59 then I couldn't solo the boss on 6-10 and I was like "man, I gotta find a party, boring" and stopped playing. It's noteworthy that, while the game has an item mall, most of the items it sells are cosmetic and don't interfer in pvp.Also these items can sometimes be obtained through ingame events. The combat system is nice to play, you have to actually dodge the stronger enemy attacks and find  an opening to strike them, and you get to slash through waves of weaker enemies. So it's not a bad game. It's just not very challenging at the beginning (maybe after level 60). Don't know about the US server, but I didn't get any lag at all (except when I tried playing and downloading stuff at the same time with a 300kbps connection, which I fortunately have replaced with a 10mb). Well I guess that sums up my experience with the game. Hope it helps people decide wether or not they want to play it.

  • PlageronPlageron Member Posts: 109

    LOL...ok people are posting who have not played this game at all...


    Like all games that use a cash shop...this one exponentialy becomes harder to level as in it requires you to have alot more exp per level.


    In this game the highest level isnt 60....so a few posters...can be ignored right off the bat as you know they have not played....pet maximum level is 60 but player maximum is pseudo 99.  No i wont explain that its best to play the game and find out.


    Its a fun game...different in that its action based....still uses an RPG formula for leveloing and such and it is fun....different then many games avaialable.  As i said on another thread...it reminds me of the original Phantasy Star Online games.


    The bigegst down side in my opinion to this game is the LAG...the servers Ijji uses is horrible....it went from bad to worse in less then a year at least while i was playing....and the GMs are no help for the problem..they like to tell you as a fix to turn down your graphic settings.....which doesnt help.and especialy doesnt help when you have a gtx 480 graphic card that isnt even trying when the graphics are turned up super high.


    The entire player base for Lunia talks about the lag all the time....its kind of sad....so be prepared for it.(there is a graphic icon that will be on your screen that shows your connection)


    Over all the game is alot of fun....you have this sort of thing where you become reborn inthe game.....the more times your  character is reborn the more you start seeing angel wings and things on your character...its kind of different. And the quests at higher levels in the 50 range and byond start having multiple choices to them depending on what you do.  Each quest gives you a rating and that rating will determine end of quest rewards.  Yes they want you to replay stuff alot....its how you unlock and find secret things.

    Of course its recommneded you do the rebirth at high levels so you can get bonus points for your skills.....So as you can guess....leveling takes forever....level to 40 easy...maybe a day to reach 20 a few days to reach and thats if you play marathon play...reaching 60 takes a week or so.....reaching 80 takes a month and reaching 99....a few months......thats if you play constantly.

    Then when you become reborn, it resets you to level1...but then you have access to ascended skills and other things you have unlocked...and of course extra skill points to spend on skills....i have to say i dont know how many times you will have to become reborn to get the maximum skill points...as there are quests inthe game that reward you with items that give you more skill points.

    This game is big on unlocks and secret things....But if you dont want to take the time to do much...you can cash shop your way...of cousre doing the cash shop means you dont do everything and will require you to replay many portions of the quests to unlock things...go figure...teh cash shop might save you some time...but thats about it.


    So is the game good or bad?


    Its good....Its different....I play alot of games..and it seams i play more then most people who post onthe forums...so go figure....i am probably just biased becasue i have played so many games..so i knid of look at them differenty then most people do.


  • charlionfirecharlionfire Member Posts: 166

    Rofl at all the desperate fake sub-10-post reviews. Hilarious, thanks!

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