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Lunia, good or bad?



  • megwaImegwaI Member Posts: 2

    sorry for double posting

  • SwordstellerSwordsteller Member Posts: 3

    Well Said!!! yuky2436

  • schoolsux728schoolsux728 Member Posts: 1

    Okay about this game is somewhat good and somewhat bad in someways.

    For those who likes to PK, this might not be your game.

    The game is mostly about partying with others and showing amount of teamwork together.

    Basically what I am trying to say. This game is very friendly-like. As for PVP you might all wonder. Yes there are PVPs.

    The PVP system took me awhile to figure out. After awhile you will get the hang of things. The game is easy to understand.

    So if you still got questions about the game, I believe you should try it out yourself. Like I might say, "Never hurts to try something new."

    So come by and look for me. I am in Server Soldin. My healer goes by the name SierraMist. I will be in Square 15. See you there. 


    I do hope this helps you out deciding rather this game will be good.


  • Cirn0Cirn0 Member Posts: 162


    Originally posted by yuky2436


    Dude, what makes you think I'm a copypasta?  What makes you think what I have said is untrue?  What makes you believe that the posts with char names are not real?  You are one of the gamers in Lunia, you know what I said is true...

    nuh, I've made a copypasta. Yep, there's truth in your post, and I havent played as much as you did, but as long as it is "payed promotion" of the game, its never accurate. btw the post I quoted is also some kind of advertisment/promotion... The forums are made for ppl to share their opinions (generally speaking). You can see "ad's" on the main page, I dont need them here, duh. And speaking about attracting new players, there's enough posts/info for ppl to decide either to join or not.




    p.s.!!! the copypasta I made was to let ppl know that it's "payed promotion" by "1posters with charnames", it wasnt addressed to you, sorry ^^;;

    p.p.s swordsteller, thats some serious... erm...

    p.p.p.s. 2shroom from other topic - you can get prize for participating in this "event", and thats some kind of payment, you can deny it, but it wont change anything -.-

    p(x4).s. not going to reply to any future posts bout copypasta/ad's. The event is over (almost over?), cheers for cheapskates :P


    IZI MODO?! Ha-ha-ha!

  • xan1989xan1989 Member Posts: 1

    you are a master,,, this is a good game, is faster and the caracther are very cooooool.

    nothing more to say,,,,,, thanks for the game,,,,


  • den5328954den5328954 Member Posts: 2

     Lunia is awsome. I play every week. It's just so awsome. Dian rulez! Anyways my server is Europe/U.S.A and my character name is Shadowninny (my username is den5328954) and my email adress is qiaomxy@aol.com.

  • DrTHDrTH Member Posts: 41

    hav they fixed the crashing problems cos last time i played it i've been crashin every 30 mins, and no its not my computer, it only happens when i play this game

  • vincehvinceh Member Posts: 208

    I can give you a general review of Lunia, I started playing about a week ago, and I'm still logging on everyday for a little bit.


    It's a little different game than the other MMOs right now, it's real-time fighting, where you have to aim and dodge attacks.  I found the game to be pretty challenging when fighting the big bosses. 


    The graphics are cartoon-based..so it just depends on if you like cartoon-esk graphics. 


    The sound..hmm, well I turned down the music about a few hours into playing the game, so that should say it.


    Lag?  What lag?  It's not graphically challenging on even the weakest computers, and I'm not lagged latency-wise either.  I've been disconnected once, and logged right back on.  I live in Vancouver, Canada by the way, with an average ADSL connection.


    The bad?  Well, as you probably know this from all the other F2P games out there - no character customization.  But Lunia hides it well because you are essentially playing one of the characters in this story that they have developed.   Personally, I wish there was more classes/skills/items.  Oh well, you can't have it all.



  • MelkrowMelkrow Member Posts: 278

    All the posts made by the people that registered the same day as their post (usually the only post they ever made on MMORPG) are all fake reviews.  They are all saying nice things about the game thinking it will increase their chance of winning.  "Event" link here http://global.lunia.com/news/read.asp?ConfigID=1&BoardID=6679

    Now, I'll give you a real review.

    Well, Lunia does bring something somewhat new to the MMO world: What appears to be real time fighting...with combos.  It was pretty fun honestly, but, please notice i said "WAS".  I played for about 5 days before it got old and annoying.

    I'm not really sure what it is, but overall game feels plain cheap and fake in many aspects, even tho I somewhat liked their storyline.  Audio is ....well, it's off and I'm playing some rock in Winamp, gives much better atmosphere to the game.

    Character development is, again, cheap.  I think you can experiance everything that this game has to offer in your first 10 levels, it simply looses that "wow, look at that" appeal...and gets boring.  If you have every played CoH or CoV missions, Lunia gets even more repetative with the battles.

    All in all, if this game was developed by some serious company and more realistic graphics, it could have been made into mainstram MMO, but reality is that it's just a cheap game revolving around one single idea as it's selling point: arcade combat, which by itself is not enough, and which in fact was not done as well is it could have been.

    Oh, and the CashShop is open, so this game is no longer Free to Play, it's "Free To Lose, Pay to Win".

    Overall, 5.5/10

    P.S.  Oh, damn, almost forgot, my character's name is Drvanitus and I'm on Soldin server.  But don't worry about giving me those rewards if I win, because I wont be logging back into that game again.


    Playing: Darkfall Unholy Wars
    Played: Darkfall, EVE, AoC, Ryzom, Ragnarok Online, GW2, PS2, Secret World, WOW, City Of Heroes/Villains, Champion Online.
  • SVW5VZ7DSVW5VZ7D Member Posts: 1

    I am Nado and game in the Soldin server

    Lunia game since closed Beta and my opinion how much to the game it is the following one

    Lunia is a good, very different game of any another game online, it mixes the two sorts that had more enchanted people for the world, the RPG and the Arcade Action.

    The two generos are excessively, and lunia is special for me why it makes me to remember the old games of consoles of 8 bits up to 32 bits where the player was obliged to go of a side for the other of the screen so that the same one is finished

    Simply incredible, it makes me to remember the old times

    the PVP also pleased me very, when we speak on RPG, then we think, bad the fight style, to select and to leave beating that monotonous thing, but in the lunia this does not occur, therefore the player necessary to put into motion the persinagem more and all, igualzinho a game of fight of consoles, very good exactly

    soon in the period of Closed Beta, already it had since this game promised and it continues promising

  • LF81EPM8LF81EPM8 Member Posts: 1

    This is what i think of Lunia.

    The Good:

    Freedom - Theres no restrictions on whenever the enemy is in the air you cant hit it,you can always attack the enemy no matter what!.

    Mortal Kombat like fighting - You can uppercut an enemy hit it 4(or more) times in the air, then do a ground attack on it and then completely destroy it.

    Fun - Just plain out fun!

    Story - It has a real storyline to it.instead of just constand grinding and questing.

    Teamwork - You are much more social because you rely on people more often in the game.

    Keyboard - Theres no more using the mouse and clicking the enemy.you can just play with both hands on the keyboard instead of having to use the mouse to click an area you want to walk to or to auto-attack enemys you can just play with the arrow keys,space-bar,A and S, and the number keys(For hotbar) to do all that.

    Interactivity - You have to destroy obstacles, dodge traps, flip levers, and do other alot of other actions on the landscape to complete the chapter its a fun aspect of the game.

    The bad:

    Socialization - You dont meet many good people on the game due to the constant use of the keyboard for fighting and walking.

    Chat - Most games i've played always make what you say seem bad. If i said hello in the chat bar it would display as "****lo" thats one of the reasons i dont like it.

    The Verdict:  5 Good 2 Bad

    Lunia is a very  good game that is very interactive and social and thats an aspect of the game i like about it. In my personal opinion i wouldn't rate it a 10 out of ten because there is somethings i dont like about the game but i'd rate it a 8.9 in my opinion.


  • GQHWNRMSGQHWNRMS Member Posts: 1

    Actually for myself, I pumped into this awesome game while surfing on Chinese game forums.  Since everytime when I meet new game, I will click on its official website to check it out, and download the game and try it out.  Luckily I tried this nice MMORPG.  You get the chance to modify your character's outfits, and having a full set of the same style, ie Rotem, Drake, or even Daru, makes you look like non other in the game.   Since it does require a bit of time to get the full set.  I remembered the first time I got one of the cloth from the boss-drop box, I got the Rotem Cloak (yes, I am  Dainn - The Wizard), which it just looks red hot.  The unique design on the cloak and the spicy red background colour at the back really catches my eyes.  Whenever my character moves around, the cloak flaps with your movement.  And that, is what makes me want to collect the full set of Rotem, and the others out there.   By the time I reply this message, I have already being a lv.25 Wiz.  I would say, this game really catches my eyes, making your own outfits, customize your own combo moves, and personalize your own skills.  I will recommand this game to others who are looking for an awesome MMORPG, and thus here is the main official website link.

    Lunia: Record of Lunia War  global.lunia.com/

  • Suki.ChanSuki.Chan Member Posts: 30

    It could've been a good game, but unfortunately they had to take back the promotional necklace as well as delete almost all the items for half the players in beta stage without any compensation whatsoever. My opinion would probably change slightly if I didn't play beta though >.>


  • acemonkieexpacemonkieexp Member Posts: 1

    this game is ok. the lack of updates is what made me quit. when i first started it was pretty fun and it looked awesome. after i beated the story and all my friends quit that unfortunatly made me retire too.

  • nlunnlun Member UncommonPosts: 7

    I quit after 1 hour. It look nice but, its for kids.

  • AtomyAtomy Member UncommonPosts: 76

    I bet you can't even perform the "AAS AAAA Kick S CC Space AAAA Whirling" Combo. If a kid can do that, what does that make you? You got served :)

  • herojer11herojer11 Member Posts: 14

    This game is good...lil laggy for me , and I`ve saw better graphics LOL

  • jotatsujotatsu Member Posts: 2

    The game is just different, it have the addon of being non-point and click and pretty much "action" oriented, but the instanced dungeons, the somehow old graphics and the service by the company who manage it now (TFT) prolly will make you loose interesest in a few hours/days.

  • harshskaterharshskater Member Posts: 61

    *thought of trying it* saw it wus turnbased though, not that that's a bad thing but just not my style

  • MagikarpsGhostMagikarpsGhost Member RarePosts: 687

    LOL turn based..you need to look again..its not turn based.. Unless they changed it in the last 4 mins

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  • GishgeronGishgeron Member Posts: 1,287

      I liked Lunia.  Its combat and game flow were a very nice break from the norm.  I really enjoyed how story driven the game was, and how "active" the combat felt.  It hearkened back to Legend of Zelda games from years past, and had a single player RPG feel with an MMO element set into it.  It also ran very smoothly (which, given its graphic choice, is a no brainer) and had a feel all its own.

      That said, I am not playing it currently.  I removed it from my PC to make room for other adventures, and only notice its gone on occasion.  I do sort of regret doing so, though, because there are many a day that come by in which I would like something like it to jump into when the REAL MMO games are dragging me down. 

      My honest final opinion is this:

      It is NOT going to replace a real MMO.  But its totally worth having on your PC to play around with from time to time, easily.  Its certainly a solid game, for what it is, and you should give it a whirl.


  • mehueestistmehueestist Member Posts: 5

    Gish ur totaly right !

  • alexxiialexxii Member Posts: 8

    is the best game online yeah 


  • VaultFairyVaultFairy Member UncommonPosts: 566

    I played it a bit, had a few characters and i thought it was a good game. But the reason i dont play it anymore was the lag it killed me so much.

    I live in UK though and i heard that the servers are in US but give it a try. I liked that Yuki, she was cool. Could always look on youtube for gameplay videos to see if you like the look of it.

  • jjonny63jjonny63 Member Posts: 1

    pretty game

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