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Lunia, good or bad?


I just happend to know the game "Lunia"

Well.. it seems fun, but not sure to download the client 'coz of my download speed.

Before i make decision, i'm asking you guys what this game is like.




  • Jimmy_ScytheJimmy_Scythe Member CommonPosts: 3,586

    Unless they've done something about the lag, it sucks. It's too bad since this game had the potential to be like Gauntlet only online.

  • yellowwooyellowwoo Member Posts: 5

    can you tell me your type of your internet connection and location you access the game?

    i heard that the sever is located in the US and i though there would less problem in lag..



  • Jimmy_ScytheJimmy_Scythe Member CommonPosts: 3,586

    I'm in the US and have a broadband connection. I had usually stop routing through proxies when I play games so there was definitely as clear a connection as possible between me and their server.

    Latency is the main reason that we don't see to many online fighting games for the PC. Problem with Lunia is that it's basically an online fighting game complete with combos.

  • AllanderAllander Member Posts: 1

    Lunia is optimum game that I already played in my life, the battle system is excellent, as well as the movement of chars, after they to adjust bugs the game will be perfect.

    Good this is my opinion waits that they like it game


    Server: Soldin

    Char: KronusBR

  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440

    lol they Lunia PR campaign has hit the forums, look at all the guys looking to get someone to recommend them.

    You should be able to play Lunia with a slow connection, just like you can play Guild Wars with a slow connection.  It makes use of Instancing for its dungeons and scenarios.  You can also only have like 4 people on a scenario at a time.  Also if you remember playing Counter Strike and Subspace early on, you could only play it on Dial Up and it worked fine.  Thats about the bandwidth you will need to play Lunia.


  • keokepakeokepa Member Posts: 3

    I personally find Lunia refreshing from the usual click, attack, hit 1-9 buttons for spells, basically the standard mmorpg style of play.

    the combo system and the "arcade style" play style is pretty unique i think. i even wrote an essay on it for my Paper about games and play styles. it's not common to see an mmorpg that uses this play style ya?

    aside from the usual bugs that a new game has, i think it's a pretty cool game. refreshing actually.

     kinda tired of the usual grind the other mmorpgs give.

    my main character is a level 20 knight (for the moment)

    Character Name : Keokepa

    Server : Foriel (Asia)

  • yellowwooyellowwoo Member Posts: 5

    Have a question for those  who said they love to play Lunia.

    You don't have lag or disconnection problme seriously like other ppl who thumb down for its network problem??

    Also, i watched Forum in Lunia hompage, and saw many questions from users, but no answers from GMs.

    Do they have GMs to take care of players' complaints or problems?

  • keokepakeokepa Member Posts: 3

    not really

    i experience a little lag now and then

    but nothing serious.

    i don't even experience any of the problems the other users have like missing items/extreme lag/can't connect to server if using vista, etc

    so far... the Gms have solved some of the bugs with the latest patch and most of the problems like the game not working well with vista have solutions posted in the forums. if you have read the forums properly instead of just glancing at the threads, this would be obvious.

    in anycase you can't expect a perfectly working game right from the start for a game that is still in beta yeah?


  • IreasIreas Member Posts: 2

    I play Lunia since middle of may 2007~~~ and I must say it makes really fun!

    I found realy fast new friends with wich I play nearly everyday.

    Then on The GameConvention i won the 1# place and now I go to Korea for Lunia <3 So Yes IT MAKES FUN xD

    and finnaly the CashShop was opened ^_______^ I waited so long for the CashShop >.< and (YAY) I got the fish for my dainn xDDDD

    I even stared a german FanSite for Lunia <3 (www.records-of-lunia.de)

    A small problem is that many europeans (a speacialy from germany as I know) have connection problems to Lunia so Lags a caused x-x maybe a Server IN EUROPE would solve that problem q.q


    greetins Ireas



    PS: sry 4 my bad english ><

  • junesue1205junesue1205 Member Posts: 1

    I will be completely honest.

    (expecting a negative comment right...?)

    this game... is very. very fun.

    Lunia is quite an entertaining game, and i think it's one of the few mmorpgs that make me feel like im ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING.

    not necessarily important, or significant, but at least im having FUN.

    I think this game is one of the few games that actually make me feel like leveling up is not a chore. Unlike WoW.

    now, i think WoW is better than Lunia. But, WoW is... 15 dollars a month. Lunia, being free basically means:


    The reason this game is fun is because you basically play the entire game with keyboard. NO brainless point and click, and the occassional tap of the numbers 1-9 to chug potions. This game actually makes you more involved, and it has a great combo system if you can spaz on the keyboard fast enough. Swordsman can do a a s s spacebar spacebar for a combo thats about 10 hits long, or they can do s >> < > a a a s >> < > a a a s and then a special kicking skill, and then a ground attack. thats about j20 hits long.

    You actually run around the field, and feel like you're playing a game. NOT working at a part time job, like most mmorpgs, that after a while, make leveling seem ... AS...SLOW...AS...HELL.

    It is not very fun playing alone, but playing with other people makes the game very enjoyable as well. There are many nice bonuses you can get when playing with other players in a stage, which is increased monster EXP.

    In addition, this game has a nice story--- at least it's not crap. The character design and the graphics are very attractive as well.

    The only thing that in this game.... is... it's not very popular since nobody knows about it yet, and theres some lag. But since this game focuses on player vs monster, not player vs player, lag really doesnt piss you off much, or get in the way.

    By the way, if you are lagging. Check on how to update your firmware on your router. If you're using a router that is. Because if your firmware is out of date, the game will be quite laggy. The problem should be fixed once the firmware is updated.

    here's the link to the website.


  • vaizardvaizard Member Posts: 130
    Originally posted by Ireas

    I play Lunia since middle of may 2007~~~ and I must say it makes really fun!
    I found realy fast new friends with wich I play nearly everyday.
    Then on The GameConvention i won the 1# place and now I go to Korea for Lunia <3 So Yes IT MAKES FUN xD
    and finnaly the CashShop was opened ^_______^ I waited so long for the CashShop >.< and (YAY) I got the fish for my dainn xDDDD
    I even stared a german FanSite for Lunia <3 (www.records-of-lunia.de)
    A small problem is that many europeans (a speacialy from germany as I know) have connection problems to Lunia so Lags a caused x-x maybe a Server IN EUROPE would solve that problem q.q
    greetins Ireas
    PS: sry 4 my bad english ><

    The similarity of this german speaking like an asian that barely has the grasp of the english language is amazingly close.


  • nado1989nado1989 Member Posts: 1

    I am Nado and game in the Soldin server

    Lunia game since closed Beta and my opinion how much to the game it is the following one

    Lunia is a good, very different game of any another game online, it mixes the two sorts that had more enchanted people for the world, the RPG and the Arcade Action.

    The two generos are excessively, and lunia is special for me why it makes me to remember the old games of consoles of 8 bits up to 32 bits where the player was obliged to go of a side for the other of the screen so that the same one is finished

    Simply incredible, it makes me to remember the old times

    the PVP also pleased me very, when we speak on RPG, then we think, bad the fight style, to select and to leave beating that monotonous thing, but in the lunia this does not occur, therefore the player necessary to put into motion the persinagem more and all, igualzinho a game of fight of consoles, very good exactly

    soon in the period of Closed Beta, already it had since this game promised and it continues promising

  • jsnscjsnsc Member Posts: 1

    Lunia's awesome: Add me if you do play me ign is Jsnsc and i play in Soldin Server

  • xYazukexxYazukex Member Posts: 1

    as you know..there is many kind of Lunia..but i played this 1 ---> http://global.lunia.com/main.asp

    This Lunia is in Beta testing right now..so there must be some bugs or glitchs...just be patient.

    Lunia is Action Arcade RPG.. You can download the game cilent here --> http://global.lunia.com/download/default.asp

    also you can creat free Account.

    first you must creat GNG account  ---> https://www.gamengame.com/gng/member/member_reg.php

    and then creat Lunia Account ---> http://global.lunia.com/signup/signup.asp

    this game is fun and great community...even i living in Iceland..i just got a little lag but it's Beta testing.

    Global Lunia now had Cash item shop...so we can buy Luni point soon. and many thing will update soon.

    This Lunia is not good but not bad at all... GMS do care about players's post in the site.

    But most of them always complaning the game..and why GMs have to reply for them??

    If you read the game update..you'll know Gms do care about the game.

    Gms alredy fixed most of problem for us...but we have to give GMs a time.

    Well you not getting bored of this game..because you always have something to do all the time as in Lunia.

    but still a little lag..but it's not always lag though..it's just sometime

    and some error but GMS will fix it soon. that all i had to tell you about Lunia.

    because you have to get in and look for yourself..this way is better ^^ Please be 1 of  Global Lunia's players

    server: Soldin

    Character: xYazukex


  • evilyinevilyin Member Posts: 1

    Lunia is a great game~ I love this style of mmorpg because it use keyboard to play it

    not many game with this style ~~ So original ~ This game is perfect for me ;the only

    thing I'll would add on it if I'm the creator** ill put a quest list that indicat all quests

    available for my level~ Its little bit confusing ~ Some old quests cannot be repeat

    when characters level reach too high so i missed a lot of quests because I level

    too fast~~ I saw the Korea version ~~ Its awesome ~~ Sad that i couldn't download it

    ~I hope the global version will catch up Korea version . Until now, it's the best

    mmorpg for me that is free to play.


  • azndude365azndude365 Member Posts: 1

    Well the game has a LOT of flaws. I have a wizard level 45, and now it's locked. I can't enter any of the squares, so thats a downer. This has happened twice to me. Still a lot of errors, but hopefully it'll be fixed. 

  • chiiirenchiiiren Member Posts: 2

    What good about Lunia and why you should try it.

    The number 1 key feature for Lunia is its gameplay. The first thing that comes to mind when peopl hear MMORPG is sit in front of your monitor load your character and then click for hours on end. Not in Lunia. This game allows you to actually move your character during combat at your own pace. It's not decided by some random number or whether you get to dodge ur opponent's next attack or not. You can do it yourself. Swing your sword on command. You can even come up with your own combos. Yes, that's right, I said combos!

    This is the only MMORPG I know where you can actually do combos and juggle enemies in mid-air like Tekken or SoulCalibur. Not only can you do this with your melee attacks but also with your magic spells (special attacks/skills) just like in Rival Schools and Street Fighter EX or Street Fighter 3rd Strike. You could also throw in an additional devastating ground hit when your enemy falls to the ground. And if you realy want to kick 'em while their down. You could even do OTG Combos. For those of you who dont know...OTG stands for Off The Ground Combos. Widely used in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 [MvC2]. There are certain moves that allow you to pick up your enemy from the ground and launch them back in the air and continue comboing! But since this an MMO there's usually more than just one you running around...and guess what? You can assist or continue juggling your other party member's combos and keep it going and going for days or until your enemy dies and explodes into a million pieces (wich they actually do). Did I mention that you could do all this with not just one enemy? Lets say about 5-8 or maybe more. Yes I've seen it, I've done it and it Great!!!

    The Anime look and cell shading is greate. Looking good and kicking ass is even better! I would write more about Lunia, but I'd rather have you experience it for yourself.

    Server: Soldin

    Name: ShinkuHadouken

    ;oO~ meow!

  • UrazielUraziel Member Posts: 172

    The above poster couldn't have said it more accurately.


    I'm in Mythos Beta ( who isnt ) and I'm always searching for the next best thing to match my style.

    If I would directly compare Mythos and Lunia, from just the first screenshots i'd see basically the same game. Same type of environment, same type of gameplay and the graphics in mythos are "better"in terms of shiney bright happy colors.

    Then to gameplay...oh dear baby jezus. The difference is fabulous. Where I'm extremely offended by the slow gameplay and the "drag"in grinding in Mythos, Lunia brings back the old bossgrinding days from Diablo II ( not the fake Mythos attempt, but the real one ) but this time, with a party ..and all of them share in the loot.

    It's combo after combo, in fact, your teammates can still kick the crap out of enemies YOU toss in the air, giving combat with 4 people a very dynamic feel. Truely arcade style.


    I've never been this enthousastic about free to play games, but this one is a jewel.

  • AlavandrosAlavandros Member Posts: 10

    This is what i think of Lunia.

    The Good:

    Freedom - Theres no restrictions on whenever the enemy is in the air you cant hit it,you can always attack the enemy no matter what!.

    Mortal Kombat like fighting - You can uppercut an enemy hit it 4(or more) times in the air, then do a ground attack on it and then completely destroy it.

    Fun - Just plain out fun!

    Story - It has a real storyline to it.instead of just constand grinding and questing.

    Teamwork - You are much more social because you rely on people more often in the game.

    Keyboard - Theres no more using the mouse and clicking the enemy.you can just play with both hands on the keyboard instead of having to use the mouse to click an area you want to walk to or to auto-attack enemys you can just play with the arrow keys,space-bar,A and S, and the number keys(For hotbar) to do all that.

    Interactivity - You have to destroy obstacles, dodge traps, flip levers, and do other alot of other actions on the landscape to complete the chapter its a fun aspect of the game.

    The bad:

    Socialization - You dont meet many good people on the game due to the constant use of the keyboard for fighting and walking.

    Chat - Most games i've played always make what you say seem bad. If i said hello in the chat bar it would display as "****lo" thats one of the reasons i dont like it.

    The Verdict:  5 Good 2 Bad

    Lunia is a very  good game that is very interactive and social and thats an aspect of the game i like about it. In my personal opinion i wouldn't rate it a 10 out of ten because there is somethings i dont like about the game but i'd rate it a 8.9 in my opinion.

    Character name: Alavandross

    Server name: Soldin

  • Moochi2008Moochi2008 Member Posts: 1

    I've played many games such has World of Warcraft, Cabal Online, Ragnarok, Gunbound, R.O.S.E, etc.. and all of them are Pay to Play.

    I'm still playing world of warcraft but it's time for me to get off WoW for a bit, I got college and projects to do. So raiding in WoW isn't a good thing.

    During my free time I play Lunia! In my opinion this game is mix with many other MMORPG Ragnarok+Cabal+etc.. (similar graphic and playing style).

    700MB to download Lunia is considered a small file and it's a very fun adventure MMORPG. I love anime and manga. This game has some story line with animated manga :P Very interesting.



    O between, the guild CrimsonKnightz is currently recruiting to all players. Great start up if you need help on killing bosses.


    My character is "Mewchi"

    CrimsonKnightz - on Soldin (US/Europe) server


    See ya there!

  • yuky2436yuky2436 Member Posts: 3

    Actually for myself, I pumped into this awesome game while surfing on Chinese game forums.  Since everytime when I meet new game, I will click on its official website to check it out, and download the game and try it out.  Luckily I tried this nice MMORPG.  You get the chance to modify your character's outfits, and having a full set of the same style, ie Rotem, Drake, or even Daru, makes you look like non other in the game.   Since it does require a bit of time to get the full set.  I remembered the first time I got one of the cloth from the boss-drop box, I got the Rotem Cloak (yes, I am  Dainn - The Wizard), which it just looks red hot.  The unique design on the cloak and the spicy red background colour at the back really catches my eyes.  Whenever my character moves around, the cloak flaps with your movement.  And that, is what makes me want to collect the full set of Rotem, and the others out there.   By the time I reply this message, I have already being a lv.25 Wiz.  I would say, this game really catches my eyes, making your own outfits, customize your own combo moves, and personalize your own skills.  I will recommand this game to others who are looking for an awesome MMORPG, and thus here is the main official website link.

    Lunia: Record of Lunia War  global.lunia.com/


    Character: VanillaCocoa (Dainn - The Wizard)

    Server: Soldin

  • Cirn0Cirn0 Member Posts: 162

    3rd copypasta for today... duh ^^;;


    They get paid@


    lunia is fun but dont believe those !@#$%s with char names in posts.

    I hope this will be enough tsktsktsk

    IZI MODO?! Ha-ha-ha!

  • SwordstellerSwordsteller Member Posts: 3

    Lunia is a whole new genre of games, of course there are other games that happens to have some attributes and similarities. But in order to play the best out of Lunia you got to have a good gaming computer, that can play at high quality(applies to every game as well). Lunia is where you actually need to move around with your keyboard and press buttons to activate spells and do combo attacks(strategic in a way), unlike Maplestory where you are just pressing the buttons to activate spells and no strategy involve what so ever. So ya Lunia is a game that many of you should try out because maybe, just maybe you'll fall in love with it!


    Server: Soldin

    Character Name: Resha

  • yuky2436yuky2436 Member Posts: 3

    Originally posted by Vesper11

    3rd copypasta for today... duh ^^;;
    They get paid@
    lunia is fun but dont believe those !@#$%s with char names in posts.
    I hope this will be enough tsktsktsk
    Dude, what makes you think I'm a copypasta?  What makes you think what I have said is untrue?  What makes you believe that the posts with char names are not real?  You are one of the gamers in Lunia, you know what I said is true.  First of all, Lunia does have a Chinese website lunia.chinesegamer.net/  Second of all, you know that the first Boss set is Rotem, then Drake, and then Daru.  And you know that the Rotem cloak for wizard's special equip is in the colour of red with black strips.  Then you do know that we can customize our outfits depends on the equipments, our combos depends on the skills linked, and our skills because there is no pre-skill that you have to click before having the higher grade skills.  Yes, we might be attracted to the Lunia thus we made these posts.  However, these posts are our thoughts on the game itself, of our own experiences.  We put in the thinkings on how to express our feelings toward this particular game into a form where people can read and think.  Stop generalizing people of whom you might think are all the same.  Because VanillaCocoa is my character, and this, is my experience after I played the game.

    Character: VanillaCocoa (Dainn - The Wizard)

    Server: Soldin

  • megwaImegwaI Member Posts: 2

    It does not matter, Lunia rocks and it will only take 1 GB after the set up, my server and name are [soldin] megwaI and I will help those who need it.

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