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MU sucks

NohgriNohgri Member Posts: 1

it is horrible.


hackin/gay people play it





  • OFFOOFFO Member Posts: 6
    I agree.... terrible, boring, nothing to do but fight...i got tired of this game in 2 days!  (play Guild Wars or World of Warcraft, they rule)

  • k-gemk-gem Member Posts: 17

    Hello to allimage

     I will have that to go against our expensive Nohgri colleagueimage.


     Already the commentary of the OFFO really goes of meeting with what I think of MUimage.

    It is an action game purely, I do not contend many contents in that it says respect to a RPG, an innumerable RPG that if preze must have quests, and you vary possibilities! Alem of evolutions and itens.

     The fact of evolution of personage of the right o of MU not to be only considered a MMORPG. MU can be a MMO, but RPG for the time being Notimage.

     I only wait that the staff of the MU development places the hand in the conscience, and I introduce more characteristic RPG for the MUimage.

     E that the VERSS

    Seja leal, a voce mesmo, Nunca traia seus principios.

    Either loyal, to you yourselves, Never traia its principles.

  • k-gemk-gem Member Posts: 17

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    Seja leal, a voce mesmo, Nunca traia seus principios.

    Either loyal, to you yourselves, Never traia its principles.

  • IphicratesIphicrates Member Posts: 56

    ::::24:: why are you being hard on Mu AND posting in its forums? Mu is a quality game and if u don't agree, u don't need to tell everybody.

    Anyway, I agree with k-gem.::::20::

    I Play MMORPGs as a living.

    Mu online


  • =999==999= Member Posts: 9

    Why Mu suck? If you dont like this game then dont play! I like this game image

  • Puppetpal.Puppetpal. Member Posts: 22

    Full of hacking. every town you go to, atleast 20 hackers.

    On top of that the graphics suck. Normally that wouldn't bother me to much but this is just

    a rip off from Diablo. I'm not done yet. 'Cause the people that play it, are all fuckfaces.

    "S> CDA 1B 1B 1B 1B"

    Ya right stfu.

    Just admit. No escape from it.


    Will they ever make MMORPGS without the need of creditcards?! Geez, I don't get to play anything!!

  • krazyonekrazyone Member Posts: 3
    ya man this game is Bullsh#t. it is fukin boring later on and full of hackers. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IT IS A WASTE OF TIME. everywhere i go theres 1 hit hackers man

  • AnnekynnAnnekynn Member Posts: 1,437

    Well I just gave this game a whirl as im bored senseless. Not impressed. I like the idea of a diablo style mmrpg, but this game still needs a lot of work done on it. I beginning to think everyone whos really enjoying this game is also really enjoying hacking/cheating, or has VERY low expectations from a game.

    Played: AC1, DAoC, E&B, SWG
    Tested: AC1, AC2, DAoC, Eve, Planetside, Rubies, Lineage 2

  • brownspankbrownspank Member Posts: 247

    By 1-hit hackers, you mean those with dragon armor suits and bills of balrog waiting for noobs to exit towns? Yeah, they can be annoying, but not everyone uses the 1-hit hack. In fact, I don't see as much people using that proxy hack anymore.

    I have to disagree that its a waste of time. I never get tired of continually levelling up and changing weapons / armor. image

  • UltimancerUltimancer Member Posts: 5

    yeah... this MU isn't sooo BORING u look like ragnarok game... and i love fighting with enemy and especially BALROG and HYDRA the boss... and especially the boss in highest creature island... named Zaikan, and DEATHVIMKNIGHT u can see us in TARKAN island.. in ATLANS entrance... HEHEHE!image


    go and lets enjoy fighting every creature and u get the SCROLL OF EMPEROR!

    DaKaRa... ZeNbU HaNasHiNaiN Da!

    -DaKaRa... ZeNbU HaNasHiNaiN Da!-

  • MaidenMaiden Member Posts: 22
    Just curious, what's hit hack?

  • brownspankbrownspank Member Posts: 247

    Originally posted by Maiden
    Just curious, what's hit hack?

    It's when you hack the game, so you can kill anyone with one hit of any weapon. I think.

  • SithosSithos Member UncommonPosts: 313

    The hit hack or 1 hit hack is done in a variety of different ways.

    Mostly it is the running of a program that multilies the effect of your attack by anywhere between 2 and 500 times. So 1 hit from you on a player or monster would actually be the same as if you hit them 500 times or whatnot. Basically it's a damage multiplier.

    Those folks that are standing outside the gates of a newbie town in dragon armor and swinging a BoB are likely not 1 hit hackers. Rather they are just gimptards with low self esteem.


  • ksoul1987ksoul1987 Member Posts: 28

    I would just like to say, who ever started this thread is a complete moron.  Maybe your just too much of a noob to understand the whole point of the game.  And did I mention, this game takes patients.  Something you don't have. 

    Keep the flaming to yourself, Idiot.

    ~ K S O U L 1 9 8 7 ~
    :: M U O N L I N E ::

    ~ K S O U L 1 9 8 7 ~
    :: M U O N L I N E ::

  • inchigaisinchigais Member Posts: 66

    MU is the best FREE MMORPG game

  • MiderMider Member Posts: 1

    Agree. Game without action. Only kill kill kill kill. image

    Global server's have no all maps and quest but is full of cheater.

    If U want play MU, find good stable private Mu serwer!

  • inchigaisinchigais Member Posts: 66

    OK I will find some new GOOD private servers

  • wrathofallwrathofall Member Posts: 16
    He, he, he! The best thing about MU is that someone (inside of Webzen) stole the server data and put it on line. Now anyone can make a private server and do what you want with the game. Poor Webzen. By-the-way, Webzen partnered with Blizzard to create MU, hence the similarities to Diablo, etc. Dark and Light is the only way to go (if we could just get in!).image

  • DespellanionDespellanion Member Posts: 12

    If you didn't know, they ban all the hackers who tries to cheat in MU online. And what's that about MU online having bad graphics. I think MU online has some of the best graphics to offer of a free MMORPG.

  • ArthusElixerArthusElixer Member Posts: 4
    I agree, MU sux. Iv played it for 3 weeks now but my friends played for months. I have never had fun on MU... im only playing it coz my friends in it. Anyway, the graphics are bad... really bad. Exploiters are a plenty which also means bugs are a plenty. BTW that was then... not sure if bugs are still in the game :). I hated the effects and most of all i hate the hack and slash feel. This game takes hack and slash to a whole new lvl, not a good lvl i might add. Its basically boring, no fun value whatsover. Total freakin ripoff of my time. Few good things about the game... i guess the new dragon mounts are pretty cool (i went inside the game today, lots of changes) and thats about it though.
  • BalaczarBalaczar Member UncommonPosts: 36

    Originally posted by ArthusElixer
    Total freakin ripoff of my time.

    I guess you got what you paid for then.

    Hey, just think how the people in the Phillipines who actually PAY to play, feel about it.

    Now you know why it is still in Beta.

  • PBskaterPBskater Member Posts: 228
  • themulletthemullet Member Posts: 5

    This is a terrible rip off of diablo 2 and is the worst game i have ever played

  • themulletthemullet Member Posts: 5

    Its just terrible

  • LaptusmeeLaptusmee Member Posts: 19
    DIABLO2 CLONE! This game is dated and needs to go away.


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