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New Armor DIY System Make You an Outstanding Armor

sjmiasjmia Member Posts: 41

New Armor DIY System Make You an Outstanding Armor

Age of Armor Close Beta test has met more new friends, and to celebrate the succeeding CB test, we now provide a new armor DIY system--armor decorating system.

As the armor parts can be upgrade by reconfiguration system, and this system has already been successfully used by those armor DIYers, and it indeed help the players a lot, however, we found that the players are not satisfied with armors in the same color, they want to appear out of the ordinary, one’s armor should be unique, and can be easily tell apart from others. And for this purpose, we introduced the Dyestuff into the game, and players can decorate their armor with those dyestuffs, one can either paints one part with one color, or paints the whole armor with one color, and all is depend on the players’ favorites.

At present, the dyestuffs can be get from those monsters of the newly opened events—Commando Daybreak. Players can loot random dyestuffs by killing those invaders, and the reason for random dyestuffs is that we want to players to exchange their trophies. We do not want one to take all things at one time. And thus would enable people communicate in game more frequently.

We provide you decide. Welcome to Age of Armor, and experience the wonderful future Robot War!

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