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Important! look here! Everyone.

sjmiasjmia Member Posts: 41

Important! look here! Everyone.

1. The webpage of accounts giveout is still working. If anyone who can not get an account from the page.PM me, and I will send him/her an account. however, the account in my hand is no more than 100. so everyone please apply for one account from me.

2. The new client is nearly done. it will be available in a few days. please be aware of our home page or the highlighted topics.

3. The open time for the 2nd CB is around the end of this August. There will be announcements to inform everyone. please do not post any relative topics. It will be a great help to decrease our moderator's work.

Thanks for your support for our game. Enjoy Our AoA.

click this link to get an account for the 2nd CB:

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