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To The UO Producer: What UO Was Meant To Be

eammoeammo Member Posts: 20

Look at the painting above, this is Classic UO and is what UO was meant to be!


Question: The original UO medieval virtual world is the only era of UO game design that was groundbreaking and interesting enough to capture gaming's attention for a few years, 1997-2000. Why not truly return to UO's roots with a new UO Classic game in modern 3d? Such a game would actually be worthy of naming Utlima Online 'Kingdom Reborn'.

The current Kingdom Reborn is a farce, UO 'Gold' and the 7th Anniversary, using the original UO artwork, were marketing scams, and the rest of the UO expansions since The Second Age are utter crap. That is seven years of garbage development! Isn't it about time to return UO to the high quality and innovative product of it's Origins?



What does Classic UO mean? What was original UO design?



1. Virtual systems and economy; balanced game designs, supply & demand, highly rare items, player crafting paramount. All towns have their advantages and disadvantages.



2. Interactive NPCs, that are in every way possible similar to players, carrying what they have bought and selling what they have been sold.



3. Strong theme integrity. If the game is based on medieval fantasy, then stick with the theme! Dragons, knights, bandits, lords, ladies! NO flip-flops, sunglasses, purple hair, giant ridable bugs, etheral ghost mounts, giant snowmen, death watch beetle protection talismans, numbers and stats plastered all over the place, robots, ninjas, and definitely no neon. It's pretty simple.



4. Interactive and interdependent community. Focus on a character's freewill to roleplay in any way he sees fit, but with appropriate deterrents. No forcefields, invisible barriers, or absolutes. Allow player competition in all aspects of the game.

The current UO is a mess, it's about time it is cleaned up. Why not be the one to return UO to it's former glory?



If you need consulting, don't be shy, I have years of experience, and will provide it for free, give me a PM and I'll give you my phone number!





  • PerkstophPerkstoph Member UncommonPosts: 2

    Hear! Hear! A great post of what we all crave. Alas, I fear it falls on deaf ears...

  • QuicksandQuicksand Member UncommonPosts: 681

    Yep, I tried the KR trial and that was enough for me to see that it wasn't really anything I wanted. ahhhh The good ole days of when UO first launched... I miss them


    And for real, beedle bug mounts and Ninjas ? What the heck man...


  • Wow4LiferWow4Lifer Member Posts: 255

    Let all who dwell here know that I ralleigh behind this cause as well and my nutshells and musels are filled to the brims of me flaggercloak and elvaris sword hydra of the flaming lyp kiss.

  • deucalliondeucallion Member Posts: 183

    Alas, if there were more people like you eammo, the MMO world would be a much better place.  I too miss the old UO days.  no good thing ever lasts it seems, especially in MMOs

  • FockerFocker Member Posts: 344

    I couldn't help but notice this post on stratics too.  That post says it all!  Man I miss that game.

  • joeybootsjoeyboots Member UncommonPosts: 628

    I have only been on UO for a year now. I think it would be cool to play on a classic server or something like that, to see what i missed out on ten years ago. I heard the world of UO was a much more dangerous yet fulfilling place when Lord British was still around.

  • harmonicaharmonica Member Posts: 339

    Originally posted by eammo

    If you need consulting, don't be shy, I have years of experience, and will provide it for free, give me a PM and I'll give you my phone number!

    I don't think that it's a "shy" factor, but rather an ego factor. These guys have run UO into the ground...

     It seems to me there are a lot of people out there who just want to play Ultima Online (Pre-UO:R) again, but the graphical client is just so out of date and there are no legit servers to play the old 2D one on (how hard would it be to make an oldschool server, really?) other than shady private servers.

    My dream game is one with the graphics and 3D movement of WoW, but with the rule-set of UO. This means no hotkey bars or classes or race restrictions, just humans that can learn any skill they want by DOING the skill (not level grinding) and can use the skill by pressing a macro and targeting the target manually with their mouse not sitting there eating a sandwich and hitting off 1s and 2s and 3s.

    Someone please make this game. :(

  • unixpanixunixpanix Member Posts: 15

    I played from 97-2000 also, and no MMO to date will even come close to that UO use to be. I look about once a month for some open source project, something that will bring that experience to a new generation. There is a 3-D client to connect  free shards, and while I praise the team that's working on it, it still needs that true next generation engine added.

    There are multiple open source rendering, physics, sound, network engines etc. You need that group of dedicated people to bring that to life. It could be done, for fun not profit of course. You have to start small, don't try and rebuild the world in one shot, get core mechanics down, start building small areas and expand.

    I also don't know the legal ramifications if you did get together a team of 97-2000 nerds to rebuild the game? I just know I'm one of the old school players who ended up in the computer industry, waiting for that dream team to come together and bring back the old school. Decit, The Wall, Hally hits then Flamestrike!



  • DivbelDivbel Member UncommonPosts: 22

    I stuck it out from sometime in 97 to 2003 or maybe 2004 and then I got so disgusted with what it became that all of my years of fun couldn't keep me there.      I agree with you guys that I would love to have a game with the updated graphics and such but with the old classic  UO ruleset.     I tried the free trial of  Kingdom Reborn...  it lasted all of 20 minutes...  

  • mcrippinsmcrippins Member RarePosts: 1,474

    I also played UO from about 97 to 2000ish. Even to this day I still bs with some of my friends about old UO stories and things we used to do. By far one of the best games ever made. Like you guys, I was pretty disgusted with the ninja expansions and whatever other crap they have released since then. I tried the KR release, and played for about 20 seconds. Couldnt take much more.. I think our best hope is Darkfall guys, assuming it actually comes out one day. After watching the trailer and following that game for a bit, it seems like the best shot at seeing a 3D version of UO. Maybe one day the devs for UO will put out something worthy. However my personal belief is that maybe they are running the game into the ground on purpose. EA has other titles and games out now.. but I guess logic wouldnt support that thoery.

  • alakramalakram Member UncommonPosts: 2,299


  • sempiternalsempiternal Member UncommonPosts: 1,082

    You can add my vote for pre-Trammel UO too!

    The original UO artwork says everything....

    ...everything that UO is no longer!

    You don't see any ninjas in flip-flops, blue-skinned purple haired elves,  rideable giant blue beetle containers, robots, etheral horses, neon green swords, huge red ridable dogs, pastel colored clothing and armor, giant rideable chickens, mask wearing foxes with three tails, or candy canes and gingerbread cookies in that artwork, do you?

    What a great painting though!

  • blakheart666blakheart666 Member Posts: 47

    What this game need is Richard Garriot back into the developing team but i guess that would be impossible.  I loved this game though i never played the pretrammel version of it but from what i have heard from friends and read it was totally awesome. I wish when i first got a pc like in 98' i would have bought a copy of UO but well too late. I think is pretty stupid that in every expansion they took out lot of cool features and added one million shitty new features.  For me UO has become The Sims Online but with a fantasy setting.

    Oh and that stuff about adding samurais was so fucking lame.

  • MacroPlanetMacroPlanet Member UncommonPosts: 1,088

    To today, this is still one of my favorite concept art for any game.  MMO, or Single player console.  THis painting brings back so many good memories when I first started UO.  This painting was the first thing UO i saw, it was the painting that you saw when you opened up t2a.  While patching I would just stare at that picture.  It really did depicte what UO was about.  The awesome storm coming in, the dragons and the defense. . .the role playing and the PKing.  Everything that painting is, is all lost now.  Like Seper said, you don't see ninjas in that picture do you?

  • RellucRelluc Member Posts: 32

    I started playing UO about 3 months after it came out and played it until just after they added the robot types of enemies. I truly miss the pre-Trammel/Feluca days. If you didn't like getting Gank'd, you learned where NOT to go. Yes, after the "split", I stayed on Trammel to avoid having some little kid come attack me while I was playing w/the ancient wyrm, but I wasn't afraid to go to Feluca and do stuff either.  

    I got 4 co-workers to play, one still does, and my DAD (in his 60's, I was in my early 30's) to play. We all loved it and had a ball, but after some of the extras came out (robot types), it got boring, lost it's appeal, etc...

    /sob PLEASE bring back Classic UO w/updated 3-D graphics!!

  • joeybootsjoeyboots Member UncommonPosts: 628

    "/sob PLEASE bring back Classic UO w/updated 3-D graphics!!"

    I disagree strongly. I feel it would ruin the style, charm, and feel of this game, if it were to be updated with an eq/wow-like 3d engine. Personally I like what they've done with KR, in keeping with the look and feel of ultima.

  • RellucRelluc Member Posts: 32

    When put that way, I can agree to use the older graphics. I personally never had a problem w/them and when it went to UO:3D, I tried it and promptly went back to 2D graphics.

    Thank you for pointing that out. :D

  • BulveighBulveigh Member UncommonPosts: 39

    What UO was not Meant to be:




    argl :/

  • joeybootsjoeyboots Member UncommonPosts: 628
    Originally posted by Relluc

    When put that way, I can agree to use the older graphics. I personally never had a problem w/them and when it went to UO:3D, I tried it and promptly went back to 2D graphics.
    Thank you for pointing that out. :D

    Yes, I too did not like the original 3d client they came out with, but I feel the kr client is way better in faithfully reproducing the feel of the original. The first 3d client was just plain ugly, and didn't feel right. I set up my legacy interface and I feel like I'm playing the 2d client albeit with updated graphics. Granted, nothing will ever match the majesty of pre-trammel uo, but as uo stands now, i feel this is a neccessary update. It's still the same game it was a few months ago people, just a new graphics engine.

  • joeybootsjoeyboots Member UncommonPosts: 628
    Originally posted by Bulveigh

    What UO was not Meant to be:

    argl :/

    Also agreed.

  • OhaanOhaan Member UncommonPosts: 568

    Conceptually, UO was beyond anything produced to date although Darkfall may deliver if it is ever released. However, as fond as my memories of pre-Tram UO are,  I don't think that I could go back to it as it was. It would need both a graphical, technical,  and gameplay make over to get my attention.

  • McGruggMcGrugg Member Posts: 60

    Newer graphics would be nice, but as of now, I could care less how shitty the graphics are, so long as we got a pre-tram type game.

  • MacroPlanetMacroPlanet Member UncommonPosts: 1,088
    Originally posted by McGrugg

    Newer graphics would be nice, but as of now, I could care less how shitty the graphics are, so long as we got a pre-tram type game.

    As a vet I agree almost 100% with your statment.  I would do ANYTHING to get pre-ren (t2a) back.  But in all honesty, UO is still fun compared to most games out there.  I mean, what game can you sail the sea on your own?  WHat other game can you go treasure hunting with maps that you find off mobs?  UO is still a great fun game, it just sucks for most the vets because the PvP is all out of wack.  In all honesty, I would LOVE to see UO in a 3d rendered world with ~ to wow graphics or better.  It would just make it that much more immersive.  What would be better?  UO pre-Ren with 3d graphics.  But I will say though that the old 2d graphics >>>>>>>>> KR graphics.  KR just looks too anime for me.  I dunno.  ANyways, I'd love to see UO re-done graphics wise.  But I will never totally 'hate' the game, because UO is still UO in a sense, minus the great PVP system and old time 'hardcore' rules.

  • justmanjustman Member Posts: 7

    UO is the best MMORPG ever.

  • eammoeammo Member Posts: 20

    Correction; UO was the best mmorpg ever.

    And I agree, those advertising images tell the whole story in two pictures.

    From Origin Inc., the best virtual world mmorpg ever - a painting commissioned by noteworthy artists and included as a print for customers in the game boxes:


    To Electronic Arts, an unremarkable weird outdated copycat mmorpg - a horrible highschool art project submitted for free by an EA employee's kid:

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