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Commando Daybreak Assault

sjmiasjmia Member Posts: 41

Commando Daybreak is a group of mercenaries, those soldiers are highly disciplined, with highly organization, however, they are mercenaries, and their only existence is just for money and resources. They do not care who the master is, but they do care who provide them with more money, in their eyes, justice means nothing, money is all. They are cold blooded and merciless, they are blood thirsty and brutal; those who dare stop their action for money are definitely be kill at once. The Commando Daybreak never makes friends with the light side, but for the dark side, they are always the honored guest.

No one can deny their combat skills and tactics, for they have experienced many battles, and got their notorious from those battles, destroy and deprive, leave nothing when they pass through, that is their fight style, like wolf, greedy and ferocious.

Information: The Commando Daybreak will come out in the next patch, September 19th. By that time, you will go to challenge them and you will also find something unusual……Something in the dark, is acting……..

New events in Age of Armor will come soon!

But now, the notorious Commando Daybreak suddenly appeared both in Mars and Earth, and they have already seized some important military bases on both side, still, they have also sniped the supply pipes and robbed many military supplies and equipments, and the local guardians team are completely annihilated by the Commando Daybreak.

At the beginning, both the Earth and the Mars government thought the Commando were hired by each other, but when the news spread out the Universe, They realize that there exists a third force that controls the Commando, What is that mystery force? No one knows, but now, for the most important thing is that any of the Commando Daybreak’s military actions must be prevent, the Commando Daybreak must be drive out of the planet forever!

Age of Armor Project Z now activated! Monsters Siege trilogy now invite you to experience the fiercely siege wars, Commando Daybreak assaults is just a beginning, more surprises are waiting in the game.

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