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Episode 2 Public Test to kick off this Friday the 14th of September!

xersentxersent Member Posts: 613

Episode 2 Public Test to kick off this Friday the 14th of September!

That’s right folks, Codemasters Online are pleased to announce that the public test for RF Online’s latest content update (and it’s a big one!) Episode 2 will be starting this Friday the 14th of September at 10am GMT +1! While the public test server is accessible by anyone who has an open RF Online subcription, Codemasters Online have provided Novus Market credits to anyone who had an open subscription on Septmeber 6th 2007 to allow addiitonal testing of the in-game cash shop.

Episode 2 Features:

  • Level cap increase to level 55
  • All new weapons, armours, skills and items
  • All new monster AI system
  • Enhanced guild and party features
  • Brand new zones to explore
  • Enhanced Chip War and PVP Systems
  • Inclusion of an in-game cash shop

For a full list of features and detailed information on each, please read the Episode 2 test server patch notes located here:

If you have any questions, please post them in the dedicated Episode 2 RF Online forum located here.

We look forward to seeing you within the public test server – have fun!

The RF Online Team


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Client Download =






  • AmaraoAmarao Member UncommonPosts: 650

    I want to try the game out, but the idea of a cash shop sickens me.

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