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Content of this new Patch1.0.0.4

sjmiasjmia Member Posts: 41


This post was unsticked by DinosaurGirl (2007-09-13)


Updating Announcement of September 12

Dear Players?

Age of Armor will be updated in 00:00 GMT-5 Sept 12th 2007. and the finish time is 06:00 GMT-5 Sept 12th 2007. The Client version will be updated to, the downloading address will be set out soon. Please be offline in time to avoid unnecessary loss.


1. Modified problem from lacking of a uniform changing option in Logistic NPC.

2. Modified error on text instructions of Human skill-Tremendous Explosion.

3. Modified the issue of insufficient display of task instructions because of over amount of texts.

4. Modified the problem of abnormal attack ability of Bloody Man-eating Fish.

5. Modified problem of Chinese text occurs during transferring payment from bank.
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