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Requesting player feedback:


I am interested in a total emersion game and have been searching for "the game" for quite some time.  I have played FPS and "hack and slash" games in the past, and they do not lend themselves to total emersion as much as i would like.  The closest a game ever came to this was the Elder Scrolls series, which ended too fast (becaues they are not MMO's).

I dont want to kill, i do want to explore and have to use my brain to do so.  I also want to meet other people in a virtual world in a role playing this game for me?  maybe i can judge by the responses to a few questions:

1.  I like are the graphics?  Are we talking EQ1 or Crytek?

2.  I like exploration...are there dungeons?  Are there cities? How long did it take you to see all the areas of the game? 

3.  I like to toggle between third person (chase cam) and first person views...  Is the UI equipped to do this, or is it point-and-click?

4.  How good is the support documentation? 

5.  Is the user interface changeable by users?  can a user move screen elements from thier default positions (compass, chat windows, health meters, etc...)

6.  Not that it matters too much for a game of this nature, but do you see other players while playing...are there a fair amount of people online at any given time?

I understand that most of this information can be found on thier forums, but this is a more objectional discussion platform, so i wish to get a broader response.  As a constant troll of MMORPG.COM, i sometimes enjoy reading the "this game sucks" threads, but i am unable to find one flame against this game (except for the occaisional crash issue)....

Thanks in advance !


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