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Thieves Of The Symbolic Shadow

xzantamwulfxzantamwulf Member UncommonPosts: 121

This will be a strict guild of thieves and assassins there will be a guild website which will be edited in shortly after this announcement we are looking for those who are not afraid of fighting real people and stealing all their goods.  If you are to betray the guild or fall back when you are assinged to an assult you shall be terminated and stolen of all your items/gold.  When you do steal if it is in a what people would call a " Team Mission " ( where you hire a buddy or two to help you carry out the mission ) You will have to split the stuff you steal and the bounty on that persons head ( optional. )

      If you have read some of my topics yes I am quitting GW before it starts. 

      Rules : 1.  Do not leave a man behind.  2. Do not flee from combat unless dead or badly injured where our meds shall heal you.  3. Do not disrespect a higher ranked member ( or they will have my permission to beat the hell out of you ) 4. High rank members shall not boss smaller ranks around ( report them. ) and 5. If you are caught messing up one of these rules you have a chance to pay it off with a small affordable fine.                   contact me : [email protected]


As long as it breathes and its not one of me it should most definetly flee.

Reseistance is futile join Thieves of the symbolic shadow now

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