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Account Security and the Security Challenge Question:Added




Account Security and the Security Challenge Question

Jeremy Dalberg

11 Sep 2007 16:13:34 EST


UPDATED 11:55AM PDT - Added a final step to the process for clarification.

In order to add an extra layer of password security, new accounts are required to choose a security challenge question and answer.  However, existing accounts can also add this - and we strongly recommend that all our players do so.  Instructions after the jump:

To add a security challenge question to your account, please do the following:

- Visit the Account Management page.

- Select "Create Account."  (Yes, this is counterintuitive.)

- Select "Already have a member account" and log in using your EA member account.  NOTE: this may be different than your UO account name - in particular, older accounts may follow the pattern "uo_youruoaccountname."

- The next screen should give you the option to select a security question.  Follow all prompts to create a security challenge question and answer.  Type carefully, and choose an answer that only you would know. 

- Hit "Cancel" - unless, of course, you want to actually create another UO account :)  The security question will be applied to your account.

This security question will be used whenever someone requests a password for that account.  If you forget your answer, you will have to contact Customer Support to get it reset.  We strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of this feature!

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