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From the Pen of Darkscribe - A Farewell



From the Pen of Darkscribe - A Farewell

Aaron Cohen

11 Sep 2007 19:16:32 EST


To The Citizens of Britannia,

It has been my great pleasure and honor to serve you these past years. Now, with a heavy heart, I must announce that I am moving on to a new adventure, a new challenge that has called me to service.

I have begun work on a currently “unannounced project” with a new EA team and will no longer be the producer of Ultima Online. I’m turning over the reigns of this magnificent game to Chris Rabideau and my friends at EA Mythic. You are in good hands.

And while I’ll be leaving you as a member of development team, I’ll be rejoining you as a player. My house for too long has gone unattended and my red friends outside of Yew gate have for too long gone untested. I will be back among you soon.

I wish you good fortune and prosperity.

See you in Britannia!

Aaron “Darkscribe” Cohen



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