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why this game turn ti F2P??

hotpiehotpie Member Posts: 191



any reason why? ? ?


are they realize that F2P is more applicable and enjoyable in nowadays? ?


who can reason out ?


  • kemistrykemistry Member Posts: 11

    The new update in korea is built on a F2P model so income is derived from selling items from an ingame shop rather then from subscriptions, originally CM wanted their own build where the subscription model was kept and the shop items were purchased in a different way but CCR failed to manage this and eventually the CM build was so far off from the CCr build that CCr said they would be unable to support it. In the meantime most of the people playing RFO left and CM has come to the realisation that F2P is the only way they can save the game.

  • korvixkorvix Member Posts: 477

    yeah its about retarded how far behind our version of the game is. Does our version even have mob AI yet?

    This game could be very very fun if we could get our hands on the korean version! lol


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