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help needed

shimanoshimano Member Posts: 12

Ok as you may guess I'm new to RF Online and so i need help,I have decided to roll a Accrettia warrior for my first try, and was wondering what is the best way to level, and to get equal pt points  across the whole range,attack range shield defence and so on,could someone please give me some advice it will be much appreciated.


  • KordeshKordesh Member Posts: 1,715

    On a somewhat related note, is it still possible to dead end your character by skipping some PTs or do you still need to train ALL of them. I know they all effect some thing or  another even if its not directly combat related, but while the level grind has much improved, the PT grind is still a huge pain.

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  • NavinaNavina Member Posts: 8

    it is best to lvl all ur pts,it is a pain but its usefull e.g range pt allows u to wear ranger armour which allows u to run faster

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  • MalkiorMalkior Member Posts: 3

    If you're a lvl 50 merc your character wont be Gimped because you're range is 1. All a merc needs to be effect is perfect shield and defense because lets me real they're not killers they're tankers. However if you ran across your bell equivalent and he/she is of equal lvl with better PTs expect to get out classed because he/she has more options available to them. All doing up your non class specific PTs does for you is it allows you to keep your options open and allows your character to be diverse.  Oh and range PT saves you money because you can pretty much run all over the place without using any stamina pots if you have 1k+ SP :D


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