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Which Game(s) Got You Started?



  • mrroboto40mrroboto40 Member UncommonPosts: 657

    Out of all games, Commander Keen on DOS, first MMO type was a game with almost internet browser like graphics called Dark Ages.


  • LowsoundLowsound Member Posts: 1

    played the Mage firstly...played playing SOL...  mostly i spend 2 years on one game.. 

  • JudyNeeJudyNee Member Posts: 1

    WOW is my first's great..however, i have nothing more to dp..due to its perfect..i never like other games now...sad..

  • AtaakaAtaaka Member UncommonPosts: 212

    You guys are relics!


    You completely left out the D&D Games for the C64 <sigh>.

    I got started with a novel called, "The Dangling Witness". It had nothing to do with D&D, Consoles, PC's or anything else. In fact, it dealt with the games that the mind plays on itself (wohlolololo)


    Back to the point...Uhmmm, hmmmm

    I'd have to say the tale of Skara Brae. A powerful mage and I make it past the final room, after losing every key member of the party, and slaying our way through thousands in halls of the never-dead-undead...A Bard's Tale.

    The Bard's Tale is googable. Nice story. The game was ok, too.

  • thorwoodthorwood Member Posts: 485

    Text based Zork on the Commodore 64.

    I also played a wargame (I forget the game) on bulletin boards where teams of players (rulers of kingdoms) made war on players on other bulletin boards.  Again it was using the Commodore 64.

    First MMO was Everquest.

  • gorgukgorguk Member Posts: 165

    i never really got into rpgs a whole lot till i started playing MUD's. but played an assload of diff console games starting with an atari lol pitfall ftw!! lol

  • jinxitjinxit Member UncommonPosts: 854

    I started off playing/reading these way back in my very very early teens

    Soon after that i wanted something more so i found a little hobby shop back in my home town at the time (Belfast) and found the wonders of the pen and paper rpg, i also got a job in the hobby shop to so i play tested pretty much every pen and paper rpg there is!  

    My first MMO had to have been SWG closely followed by guildwars and then city of heroes.

    Currently still playing guildwars and city of heroes villians but as always I still crave more.

  • Krazen1Krazen1 Member Posts: 6

    When  iwas younger - I actually hated this genre - i was very much into sports/athletics and was always doing that sorta thing.

    When EQ1 came out (actuallt the time of the Kunark expansion) - a co-worker tried to get me involved in EQ1 and I think Ultima Online or was it Asheron's Call - cant remember.

    I really wasnt interested - but decided to give EQ a try - and slowly, slowly got into it.  It took me a while, and also at the time - had a horrible computer/internet set-up.  Little did I know then that this would be my main hobby now and I am 36 yrs old.  LOL

    EQ was and is my favorite all-time MMO. 

  • TanimataTanimata Member Posts: 9

    The first rpg i ever played was Zelda Ocarina of Time and to this day I still think It's still the best i have ever played. Though baldurs gate one and two were really good I always gave into cheating and ruined the game.

  • odragonodragon Member Posts: 106

    I started playing pencil and paper when I was in High School. About 19 years ago (eek!). Then about 1992 or so I played online games, mostly text based on BBSs, like trade wars and on message forums who did pnp type games like Car Wars, Teenagers from Outer Space, and classic DnD before Advanced and 2nd Ed. came out.

    From there, the internet became more affluent to the public and I developed from that, the first MMO that came into my life for a long period of time, Ultima Online.

  • Cynic7Cynic7 Member CommonPosts: 11

     For those of us who are into gaming, it probably doesn't matter where you started.  Although, I am into strategy games and don't have much time for the arcade stuff, as I think it mostly repetitious and mindless. When did I start?? Well, I will probably give my age away here, but I started with pencil and paper playing Battleship, about 1960. I was in primary school then, and desktop computers had not even been thought of. Does this make me some sort of dinosaur, or just the grandaddy of gamers?

    I have now been playing EVE Online for about  a bit over three years now, and I cannot stop, it is addictive. However, I would appreciate some opinion on Warhammer or Lord of the Rings.


  • boognish75boognish75 Member UncommonPosts: 1,540

    My first eperience with rpg was pnp DnD, my first mmorpg was earth and beyond, and that was it i went berzerk after it was sunset by ea-games and tried every mmo i could find,

    playing eq2 and two worlds

  • GishgeronGishgeron Member Posts: 1,287

      I love answering these kinds of questions.

      My entrance into RPG's was heralded by the very first Final Fantasy for the NES.  For me, an avid reader, having a large plot and wide world was something that just turned me on immediately.   I can't remember exactly what came after it...I do remember watching for Americas second incarnation (labeled Final Fantasy 2 here) for the SNES for what seemed like forever.

      Moving on, though.

      My first MMO would have technically been Ultima.....had I been able to actually play it.  Having never left the city, and thus, never seen its wide world...I didn't even bother with it again.  Open PK is a dead ideal for me...I want to get my bearings in the very least.  The first actual MMO I was involved in was actually EQOA for teh PS2.  I was hooked for a long time....but eventually dropped it when my brain finally realized how absolutely crappy spending hours looking for a group to do even the most menial tasks was.  From there I think I looked into SWG for a time, and even CoH (before wasn't until that came out that I actually began to enjoy the game) before settling into WoW.  To this day, I have yet to play an MMO that was as good as WoW.

      I'm currently in CoV, and while I realize that this would seem to conflict with my prior statement, bear with me.  I love my CoV characters way more than I loved my WoW ones.  Even though the Warcraft world is a few thousand times better as an actual world (tons to see, glorious use of sound and music coupled with some of the most interesting locations ever conceived) being attached to my character means more to me now.  Being able to make him exactly as I see fit, and being able to really influence his growth instead of simply playing passenger to it.

      One thing all the reflection I've done about my own game history has shown me is this:

      Our tastes grow and change.

      What I loved about a game 4 years ago will be something I hate about them now.  Parlor tricks can only amuse one for so others innovate their own projects I begin to expect more of my own.  For me, this genre has staled, and is seemingly stuck in perpetual stagnation because there is never a break in the mold.  People have stopped saying, "Wouldn't it be cool if you could do this?" and simple stuck to, "This has already been proven cool, lets do this".

      It would be nice to have an RPG steal me away again, though.  Even Squaresoft has failed me...stepping backwards from the massive innovation in FF7-FF10.  Between FF10-2 and FF12 (never you mind the, in my opinion, horrible FF11) I've long lost faith in them to be able to craft something good anymore.  Then again, maybe I'm just getting too old now.  I hope not, I still love my old RPG's for what they were. 

      (Fun Fact:  My favorite RPG off all time is Legend of Mana for the original playstation tied with Crono Trigger)


  • HappymoonHappymoon Member Posts: 1

    good skill system and the background. it must be updated fast...and if the roles are beautiful not too lovely..will be better!

  • Death1942Death1942 Member UncommonPosts: 2,587

    Baldurs gate was my first RPG computer game

    i played Pen and paper for a short time before that and have only just got back into it (i'm the suicidal one)


    as for MMO's.  my first was SWG (before it went crap) i got a total of 2 week of play out of that before the NGE hit ().  then it was onto WoW (it seemed like a good idea at the time) then (15 months later) i moved from game to game...never really settling down into 1

    MMO wish list:

    -Changeable worlds
    -Solid non level based game
    -Sharks with lasers attached to their heads

  • chemical_rexchemical_rex Member Posts: 4

    I guess I got started with CRPGs technically before PnP RPGs.

    Two CRPGs stick out in my mind - Phantasie and sldo the Bards Tale (the old one - not the new one which just shares a name...).  Played them both on the Commodore 64.

    While the bards tale had prettier graphics, I found Phantasie had a better sandbox feel to adventuring.  Plus I just enjoyed watching the little characters in my party jump up and down to swing an axe.  And of course they'd all jump up and down when the battle was won.  :)

    Some older kids in the neighborhood turned me on to PnP RPGs with a cool little title called Top Secret.  The rules were kind of complicated, but it made a good primer before I found DnD.

    The rest is history.

  • JansonLiJansonLi Member Posts: 1

    i like cool games! PK is a quite important part of a game. and i like PK most in gaming~~!!

  • dragonus456dragonus456 Member Posts: 7

    I hate to admit it but Runescape was one of the rpg's that got me started the other one was Thang it was my first real mmorpg


    I am currently playing Tales of Pirates though


  • OrodruinOrodruin Member Posts: 7

    Lands of Lore was amazing! Got me totally into the rpg-gaming.

  • gurugeorgegurugeorge Member UncommonPosts: 481
    Originally posted by Astralglide

    Which games got you started role-playing? Was it a video game first or pen and paper/ table top? Do you still play them today? I'll start (this is just for curiosity's sake).

    As far as solo CRPGs go, System Shock 1 was my first love - still IMHO the greatest s-f roleplaying game ever made (relative to its time), closely followed by System Shock 2 and Deus Ex.  From there I discovered Iliked rpg-ing and got into the Baldur's Gate series, then NWN and KOTOR.  (Haven't tried Mass Effect yet, but I'm sure it's made to the same high standard though.)  The Fallout series is also great CRPG-ing.

    As far as live roleplaying in an MMO, City of Heroes is a very easy game to rp in, at least during combat, because you don't have to think through the filter of mediaeval or romantic language - you can just talk normally, and the superhero quips and wisecracks flow thick and fast in CoX missions.

    I've also played in persistent worlds in NWN2, and the experience of rp-ing in a PW in a GM-led game in NWN2 has to be experienced to be believed - it's incredibly immersive to find the game world comeing alive around you and responding intelligently to your party's actions.

  • ColorplatColorplat Member Posts: 1

    good lovely 3D games..excellent skill system will be the most attractive..i like a game mostly due to its skill system..

  • ffffffffffff Member Posts: 1

    my first mmorpg was runescape it was cool for a yeur but now its (****) <--- just i dont like the game now.

    then i looked for more games and you dont believe me i found them and it where 39 mmorpgames i downloaded them all and made around 100 acount and played them all, my computer was so slow that you can wait 5minutes on one single click then after a year i deleted them all and played some runescape then a frend told me a supercool massive multiplayer online ruleplaying game : Rose online ( the Ruff-Rose version) it was free and it was so so so cool i have played years and years and still i play it its the greatest game on the hole planet. it haves: really good community and graphics,pvp,clans(including The clan battle ground  , ClanField , Clanfaction , Clan events ) and lots more.

    at the moment it scores a 7.94 and here's a link if you are interested (i dont know if i can type here in this reply a website?)  and  check before you download the "Rose online fan trailer'' on for more info

  • Boomz0rBoomz0r Member Posts: 3

    Diablo I > Diablo II > Diablo II Expansion > Runescape > World of Warcraft > LOTRO > No game currently

  • GooglericGoogleric Member Posts: 1

    i like war games! good scenery and beautiful skill impact are my favor points. if it has a  not bad upgrade system. i will like more~~

  • PepsipwnzgodPepsipwnzgod Member Posts: 203

    red alert 1 got me started on computer games.. then diablo 1 got me started on mmo's i played diablo 2 and warcraft 3 forever trying plenty of f2p games, runescape kept my attention for a long time, and conquer online did too, i played Flyff for a while, i played wow first as a druid like 3 or 4 years ago then quit then came back as a hunter and hit 60 then quit then came back and got a dif hunter to 70 then quit and came back for a war and some alts but year red alert 1, def got me started, ive played almost every game on the list


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