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Back Up! We Need Back Up!

sjmiasjmia Member Posts: 41
Battle front line now is under the siege by the enemies, the guard legion is nearly run out of ammunitions, supplement and armors. Back up, the front line need back up, soldiers, time to protect your homeland, gear up, and join the battle front line confilicts.

Age of Armors now opened its first PvP Zone—Battle Front Line, in this PvP zone, players can fight with the players of the opposite side, we have special honor system for the PvP zone, the player who gains many honor points will promote his rank in the legion, once gets the promotion, he can update his uniform as well, besides the rank up, one’s title will also become unique, showed with an medal of honor icons. Beside the honors, one can also get some special weapons and armor parts in the Battle Front Line, those things are rarely appears in other PvE zone.

Soldiers, reload your weapons, follow your companions, and support the front line, for your honor, for your glory. Drive off the invaders for your homeland!

Battle Front Line, The first cross Earth – Mars conflict world, waiting for your challenging!

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