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Elite Training System in Age of Armor

sjmiasjmia Member Posts: 41

The 2nd closed beta of Age of Armor has lasted for nearly one week, and it received its first group of level 30+ players. But there are still many players that are around level 15. To let more people enjoy the confrontainment of Age of Armor, we add a brand new training system in the game-- the Master and Apprentice System. Freshman can ask high level player to be his drillmaster. Their journey in the game world is no longer alone.

As a drillmaster, one should be responsible for helping the student, teaching him about the general knowledge of the game, answer his doubt about the quests etc. When the freshman finishes apprenticeship, the master and the apprentice both will get the EXP and item rewards from our system.

A drillmaster must get level 31 or above, and an apprentice’s level must be lower than level 30. We intend that one master can have at most 5 apprentices. But at present we set it as one master can only have one apprentice. We hope each apprentice can get enough care, and each master can focus their attention on just one apprentice. Masters and apprentice can explore the in-game world together, take our instance dungeon –exotic planet for those level 15+players for example. That is what we want, team work, cooperation, and friendship.

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