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Lunia Online?

The best 2D mmorpg I've ever played!! Lunia is not like all other mmorpg's with a lame story .. there's a story where u have to get threw the whole game. no lame lvling in a lifeless world anymore for me! In Lunia u get threw stages (small lands) .. The most I like in Lunia is that it's like a rpg for a console (ps2 or something like this). And I love this rpg's (Breath of Fire IV and those great gamez) and now here's a mmorpg!! i thought that's great! and it is. don't look at the screenshotz and say that this game is horrible .. PLAY IT BEFORE U POST SOMETHING STUPID!!!!! I have to say: the graphics aren't that what people want in  this years 07/08 - but that don't interest me. i need a good story and nice gameplay. but the importants thing i need is  -=[FUN]=-  and i have FUN at this game!

Great mmorpg  inGame name > onDruGs 


Greetz Glamorous.Indie


  • LoopsLoops Member Posts: 100

    I totally agree with you. The graphics arent that good indeed, but i kinda like the graphics, its special. The gameply is so much fun, and the battlesystem is something different than other MMORPG systems.

    Just the community is lacking a bit. Don't like the fact that people have to spam WTB and WTS shouts in the City in order to sell something. But apart from this point , the game is really good. Not getting bored.

  • HjorthHjorth Member Posts: 23

    I to so love this game. The combat system rocks and teh history is very cool. I could use some more custimissation. But the armor gives some. I don't agree on the grafiks then. I love it. Sell shading rocks, and helps getting the manga feeling all trough the game.

  • Glam.IndieGlam.Indie Member Posts: 56

    are only 3 people who are registered here at mmorpg.com playing this game??

    come and try it urself!! :)

  • Cirn0Cirn0 Member Posts: 162

    Lunia reminds me of old-school console RPGs, good ones ^^. Its hard to describe it other than saying that its unique...(damn) While most of other mmorpgs I've played were pretty boring (tons of lineage clones -.- (=crap)), I really enjoyed this one...(damn - its hard to describe, but dont judge a book by its cover, XIII-hybrid graphics are, actually, quite pleasant to play with)

    Definately worth a try _o/

    IZI MODO?! Ha-ha-ha!

  • whitedelightwhitedelight Member Posts: 1,544

    I think I will give it a shot!


  • alecms7alecms7 Member CommonPosts: 7

    When I looked at the screenshots I actually thought "this game looks awsome!" I mean, i like anime, and mmo's, so ill have to try this out! My problem is that I can't stay with a game for more than a week. Noone believes me that I stopped playing WoW after 2 weeks. Hopefully something about this game keeps me playin'

  • LoopsLoops Member Posts: 100

    well games such as WoW can be a pain in the ass at the start due to lack of experience, money etc... But those game usually have a great End-Game scene which makes it not getting boring. So yeah, you will probably miss out alot if u play games for just 1-2 weeks... But yeah, up to you. I've played games for one week before too and not more, because they sucked so bad...

    But Lunia is very entertaining from the beginning until the end IMO.

  • HjorthHjorth Member Posts: 23

    Yeah it is lovely that lvl's doesn't have so big an influence.

  • AzureProwerAzurePrower Member UncommonPosts: 1,550

    I'm not really a fan of anime. But thought I'd give the game a try none the less. I thought I was going to be immediately disappointed that it was a conquer online clone. I wasn't too fond of the poor character creation either.

    But I managed to get stuck into the first stage as soon as I got in. Saw some story line I don't really care about and arrived into the game. I was a knight, and had a priest and mage fighting along side of me. It took me 2 stages to realise... THEY WEREN'T NPCs!! o.o

    Suddenly the game became more fun. The action movements than to constantly click to attack and sit there watching was a refreshing change.

    I also like the custom actions you can do while you're not in combat.

    Only down side is the occasional lag.

    Really recommend it to try it out though.

    That's my first impressions so far.

  • LoopsLoops Member Posts: 100

    yeah the battle system is really different compared to other MMORPGS, you can't just sit back and watch ur character beating the mobs...


    And yeah, it took me about 3 stages as well until i figured those other people aren't npcs... I like the idea that people can join your stage and help you out whenever they want to. Even if they are high lvl, you still get exp.

  • HjorthHjorth Member Posts: 23

    Yeah it is pretty nice that you are kinda forced to play with others.

  • SpikeX01SpikeX01 Member UncommonPosts: 4

    I really want to play this. When I downloaded it I clicked on run and nothing happened. I've seen other people post solutions but none of them help. I really wish they would fix this or some one else could help.

  • LoopsLoops Member Posts: 100

    yeah there are other players having this problem... but there are many solutions posted on other forums.  You sure should try out more, im sure one will solve ur problem too..

  • dirkjandirkjan Member Posts: 11

    I've tried it and I like it. Sure, it's not something big like World of warcraft, but for a free game it looks good, and it's great fun. The biggest plus of this game is the action arcade part. It really feels like an arcade style rpg, which makes the game different from the others and fun to play.

    The biggest problem I've seen in this game is the fact that it doesn't run on pc's if the Eastern languages aren't installed on your pc (and the right settings with them as well). But once that's solved it's really nice.

    Another downside is the customisatoin of your character. You have only 3 choices if you want to make a new char. You select a warrior-type, mage-type or healer-type person and you choose a name. There's nothing to customise. But with different armor and skills you can do just enough.

    Leveling is fun. Each level you gain a skillpoint, which you can use to "buy" skills. With that you can decide what you specialise on. And the stages (which are kinda like mini-dungeons) aren't very troublesome. They might be hard if you get further, but you rarely have to worry about a group, at least at lower levels. You can make a group and enter a stage as a group, or you enter a stage alone and do it with other random people who were groupless. This might give you a team with only healers or mages though, but at the lower levels that's not a big problem.

    I haven't been above level 7, yet, so I can't say how the game is at higher levels. But it's a nice game for a chance.

  • AzureProwerAzurePrower Member UncommonPosts: 1,550

    I'm 21 in the game now. Though when you get to the higher/harder stages. Finding some one to complete the stage randomly becomes time consuming. And soloing you can do fine.... until you hit the boss. The boss usually ends up beating your solo character into a bloody corpse. xD

    But you can always go back to previous stages to complete quests.

  • chiiirenchiiiren Member Posts: 2

    What good about Lunia and why you should try it.

    The number 1 key feature for Lunia is its gameplay. The first thing that comes to mind when peopl hear MMORPG is sit in front of your monitor load your character and then click for hours on end. Not in Lunia. This game allows you to actually move your character during combat at your own pace. It's not decided by some random number or whether you get to dodge ur opponent's next attack or not. You can do it yourself. Swing your sword on command. You can even come up with your own combos. Yes, that's right, I said combos!

    This is the only MMORPG I know where you can actually do combos and juggle enemies in mid-air like Tekken or SoulCalibur. Not only can you do this with your melee attacks but also with your magic spells (special attacks/skills) just like in Rival Schools and Street Fighter EX or Street Fighter 3rd Strike. You could also throw in an additional devastating ground hit when your enemy falls to the ground. And if you realy want to kick 'em while their down. You could even do OTG Combos. For those of you who dont know...OTG stands for Off The Ground Combos. Widely used in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 [MvC2]. There are certain moves that allow you to pick up your enemy from the ground and launch them back in the air and continue comboing! But since this an MMO there's usually more than just one you running around...and guess what? You can assist or continue juggling your other party member's combos and keep it going and going for days or until your enemy dies and explodes into a million pieces (wich they actually do). Did I mention that you could do all this with not just one enemy? Lets say about 5-8 or maybe more. Yes I've seen it, I've done it and it Great!!!

    The Anime look and cell shading is greate. Looking good and kicking ass is even better!

    I would write more about Lunia, but I'd rather have you experience it for yourself.

    ;oO~ meow!

  • AzureProwerAzurePrower Member UncommonPosts: 1,550

    bumping up this thread which has real thoughts on the game rather than ulterior motives for giving such a review that many of the other threads have.

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