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Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning: WAR August Newsletter

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

The August edition of the Warhammer Online newsletter is now available, with piles of information about the final racial paring of the Dark Elves and the High Elves, as well as news about their new lighting system, a WAR novel, zone overviews, beta journals, and much more.

Of all the innumerable conflicts that have defined the history of the Warhammer world, there may be none as lengthy or as bitterly fought as the ongoing war between the noble High Elves and their evil kin, the malicious Dark Elves.

This ancient struggle is very much at the heart of the Age of Reckoning. Malekith, Witch King of the Dark Elves, is obsessed with reclaiming the Phoenix Throne, a birthright denied him by the High Elves millennia ago. When he learns that a new Champion of the Dark Gods is marching to war with the Empire, the diabolical ruler of the Dark Elves hatches a sweeping plan to conquer the isle of Ulthuan and install himself as the true King of all Elfkind.

Knowing that the plague-ravaged Empire will call for aid when the Chaos warhost reaches its northern borders, the Witch King conspires to prevent the Dwarfs from answering that call. Through vile sorcery, the Witch King crafts amulets of power and gives these to the leaders of the Bloody Sun Boyz, a powerful greenskin tribe. The Orcs quickly amass a great army and attack the Dwarfs, and war spreads across the Worlds Edge Mountains.

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  • lekizlekiz Member Posts: 171

    Hm, weird, I didn't receive a newsletter this month. It has been sent out?

  • SpiritofGameSpiritofGame Member UncommonPosts: 1,332

    It was in my email this morning.

    Just finished reading it.

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  • lekizlekiz Member Posts: 171

    Guess they don't like me anymore then. :(

  • atziluthatziluth Member UncommonPosts: 1,190
    Originally posted by lekiz

    Guess they don't like me anymore then. :(

    They don't like me either then. Nothing in my mailbox from mythic since last newsletter. 


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  • deedelechachdeedelechach Member Posts: 64

    uhhh, I also have no newsletter... booooooooo!

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  • leovinousleovinous Member Posts: 38

    Same here, I didn't get my news letter either.

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  • checkthis500checkthis500 Member Posts: 1,236

    For all those that haven't seen the newsletter because it hasn't come to you.  Here's the link to war-rvr.net's showing of the newsletter.  It's a long one.  So find a comfortable seat. :)


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  • RomseRomse Member Posts: 198

    I'm glad to see the graphic engine modules being added and to see the quality of the screenshots improving.

  • lekizlekiz Member Posts: 171

    I just received it in my inbox this morning.

  • NightsirKNightsirK Member Posts: 1
    ...Am I the only one who can't use the links in ANY published form of this newsletter?
    I feel robbed of visual and linguistic pleasures :(
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