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Stupid Americans



  • Deron_BarakDeron_Barak Member Posts: 1,136
    Originally posted by Pyrite
    Because we may not be the biggest or the healthiest or the best educated. But we always did have one thing no other place did. We knew soccer was bullshit.


    Quited only because i made me laugh out loud.

    America is on a downslide.

    For one the generation that made America great is about 70 if not dead and the general ethos that they had seems to be dying with them: Work your tail off if you want to have a good, stable life.  This would seem to be a given to everyone but even if you don't work hard you still seem to get by with all the hand out programs America has to offer.  One generation sucking off of the hand outs births more generations sucking on the handouts and the problem balloons exponentially.  I was surprised to hear that the average US family in poverty works 16 hours a week.  Couple that with millions of people getting US money and services without paying taxes on it and you have quite an economical leak.

    Second, like Pyrite mentioned,  is our inability to use the technology we have in order to make our life better.  Personally I think it comes down to money.  Extracting useful cells from already living humans is more effective than stem cells from fetuses.  The only problem is it's more of a hassle and more expensive.  Same goes with oil.  I don't believe we even tickle the earths natural warming but why not make our air cleaner if we can and leave the heavy stuff for heavy machinery?

    We have the power and opprotunity  to do far better things than we are and so do a lot of countries.  I blame parents of the new US generations for not instilling our children the ethos that made America great in the first place.

    Just not worth my time anymore.

  • frodusfrodus Member Posts: 2,396

    Originally posted by MadAce

    Originally posted by frodus

    Hummmm,lets see America,doh,How many people die each year trying  to come to the dumb country ? anyone would like guest.O lets how many of u Americans would be willing to leave this dumm country and go live where ???Yes we rule the known world the greatest country the face of the earth has ever seen.O which country gives out the most food the most money out want to guess.Which country freed the known world, Europe,mainly and japan which is or best friend,DOh who would defend Canada which cant defend their selfs,just keep beating up your country u bunch of simple mind twits !!!!!
    40% of California  pollution comes from china which is building 1 coal fired plant every month for the next 5 yrs with out  clean scrubbers on them and u think u can change your carbon foot print and make a difference!!!! your a moron


    Now this is an awesome example of... You may fill that in.


    BTW, it's a coal plant EVERY DAY.

    golly-gee-wiz... madace.. i might not  be as well spoken as u but i do love my country,and i didnt know 1 plant a day wow... send a link to the dummy..thats really something

    Trade in material assumptions for spiritual facts and make permanent progress.

  • This thread is outrageous and insults my American pride. How can you talk about American stupidity without also paying homage to how fat and lazy we are. I think that's our biggest problem. I'm too lazy to take off my football helmet before cramming my face with hamburger. Also, our salt supplies are dissappearing faster than our oil supplies. Why? Because of all the freedom fries we eat. That's right, freedom fries instead of French fries. Liberty waffles instead of Belgian waffles. Independence bacon instead of Canadian bacon!

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm facing the American dilema. I'm really hungry, but really lazy. So, I want to go eat a hamburger loaded with Independence bacon and Freedom fries, but I'm too lazy to get up off m 450 lb buttocks and go get it. Also all that chewing is such a workout. Maybe if I put it in a blender I can suck it through a straw. Yeah, that's a good idea. I'll just hop in my Hummer and take a trip to the store. 2 miles to the gallon FTW!

  • PyritePyrite Member Posts: 309

    Originally posted by Cabe2323

    Originally posted by Theodoryk

    Pyrite, that's probably the best post I've seen written by an American regarding America....ever. Very well said, I applaud you.
    Pyrite didn't write it.  He likes to quote Bill Maher.  This time I see he actually took out the "Rules" portion of the quotation.



    Considering I put the You Tube link to that clip from his show I fail to see your point.  Here's another clip that has nothing to do with this topic whatsoever.


    The most important part of reading is reading between the lines.

  • zakk_zakk_ Member Posts: 438

    the only difference between countries is their starting point.they all reach an equalibrium,then plummet like the popularity of the politicians unfortunate enough to be in power at the time.

    sounds obvious but look at the 2 superpowers today.the us with their constitution and china with the communism.

    china on the up,with their citizens right now a brainwashed mass of educated automatons.the us on the slide with liberty and bibles for all.

    russia moving back into the top 40 with a bullet,on the back of their arms sales and general desperation from top to bottom.same thing happened with france in centuries past.italy had a good run,they know how to maintain a dynasty those italians,most euro cup wins and all,with that joke final against liverpool last season taking them 1 up.

    anyway where was i..oh yeah,go on the reds for the prem this season.

  • baffbaff Member Posts: 9,457


    Originally posted by Deron_Barak

    America is on a downslide.
    For one the generation that made America great is about 70 if not dead and the general ethos that they had seems to be dying with them: Work your tail off if you want to have a good, stable life. 

    It wasn't just a bunch of inspired, hard-working people that made America great, it was it's time in history.


    The rest of the world's industry was destroyed by war. America had no competiton in an open global market unable to produce for itself. They had an opportunity, which no matter how hard you work, you will be unable to recreate.

    (Unless you get that missile shield working and then nuke everyone).

    The sun shined, you made a lot of hay. All is well.


    It's like the British trying to rebuild the Empire. Things have changed, time to move on.

  • bhagamubhagamu Member Posts: 425

    I have a question for whoever put up all of those pictures a few pages ago -

    The screenshots of the news broadcasts - are they real? Nevermind putting Iraq next to the Czech Republic, but as a physicist.... CNN reported that Columbia was travelling 18 times the speed of light? What the hell?

    Gore '08

  • AthlAthl Member Posts: 159


    Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and consciencious stupidity.

  • scooter70scooter70 Member Posts: 8

    Stupid American's??  No, Americans are just ignorant...They like calling us Eastern Europeans the 3rd world...but i've seen Alabama, Miississippi...and what used to be New Orleans. The Third world is there within America if you'd bother to look for it...America as seen by the world??? Simple, America IS the Modern Roman Empire.  With the ever present Nero mindset. Yes, America has all the best toys....and it's much easier to live in an Empire like Rome when you have distractions...I mean really....the biggest problem is the mindset....you actually believe your own hype??!!!  The only important issues are the issues of the moment, because the so called "free-press" dictates to you whats important...and i guess Paris Hilton and Lindsy Lohan are more of a topic then New Orleans....and you are right, your number 1 because you say so....   America needs the rest of the world alot more then America thinks.  The best way to maintain control is to keep the ppl stupid....guess it really does work!!!!

    Long live the Empire!!!

  • bhagamubhagamu Member Posts: 425

    I'm filing that under the "unnecessarily hostile" category.

    Gore '08

  • scooter70scooter70 Member Posts: 8

    first off....ignore the post i wrote above...as i didn't write it....i'm an american in romania that left his laptop signed in and a roommates friend decided to use it as a political whatever....sorry for that...it's not my P.O.V. the movie about Americans was edited to be funny...and it was...

    again, i am sorry for that hostile post appearing...like Shaggy said.."it wasn't me"


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