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Turf Battles

SoultwisterSoultwister Member Posts: 93

It wasn't the best game but the pvp was pretty fun back in the day... anyone still play this, or has anyone played this in the past? If theres still a decent community left I may go back to reek some havok!


For anyone not familiar with the game, heres a player recorded video

Publisher's description of Turf Battles

Turf Battles offers fast-paced and rich PvP and PvE (Player vs Environment) in MMORPG. As the name implies, Turf Battles's PvP centers around the turfs, areas that can be owned by tribes. A turf can produce unique gems and items that are available almost entirely only in that turf. A turf battle happens twice a day per turf and the winner of the turf battle gets to hunt for the unique gems of the turf for the next 24 hours. There will be more than a dozen turfs and each turf has a unique geography making each turf battle like no other.

Turf Battles PvE is beyond the traditional repetitive monster killing. Players have the option of fighting easier monsters and level up with predictability. For those who like challenges and unpredictability from monsters, they can take missions to seek out and destroy armies of monsters. Turf Battles is free to join and free to play forever.



What are the goals in Turf Battles?

As an elf or human returning back from the Island of Fuan, you first arrive in Ladianes Village. You must go on missions with a group to chase out the ghosts and monsters that have taken over most of Ladianes and Veros . Occasionally, you will also have to defend various villages from random invasions by monsters. You should also take on quests by yourself for not only destroying monsters but also performing certain chores for Ladianes. From the missions, defense against invasions and quests, you will gain experience, money and items.

In the meantime, you should join a tribe with whom you can not only take on missions and defense against invasions but also fight other tribes to conquer Islands, the Tornado Zone or the Ghost Castle. From these turfs, your tribe and allies can find valuable gems needed to upgrade your weapons or learn new skills.

When you reach level 160, you should join either Ladianes or Veros nation. As a citizen of either nation, you will have to fight for ownership of certain turfs and accomplish more missions for your nation to earn a certain title in the nation.


The level can range from 1-300. You can start PKing at level 30 in Iah Island but real PKing starts at level 100 when you begin to learn Master Skills. More PK excitement starts level 160 when you learn Transformation Master Skills and you join a nation for Nation Wars. At level 200, players can wear Eonic Weapons. Level 255 can be relatively quickly attained by doing various missions and quests. After level 255, levelling will take much longer. All players should at least attain level 255 to learn most of the skills and enjoy all PvE and PvP events.

 Turf Shop

You can make your levelling faster or gain advantage during PK by purchasing Turf Shop items.


There are 5 major classes, Blade Warrior, Fist Warrior, Red Mage, Blue Mage and Archer.

A red mage can choose to become a yellow priest and a blue mage can choose to become a white priest or black sorceror.


There are two kinds of attacks-physical and magic attack. For example, in 210 (100) , 210 refers to physical attack and 100 refers to magic attack.

A Blade, Fist Warrior or Archer does not have any magic attack but only physical attack. A red or blue mage has both physical and magic attacks but the magic attacks are much stronger.


Like attacks, there are 2 types of defenses. Physical and magic defense. Physical defense is only good against physical attacks and magic defense is only good against magic attacks.

200+110 ( 180+50) refers to physical and magic defenses. 200+110 refers to the physical defense. 200 is subtracted from the attack and then 11% is deducted from the attack. That's the final damage on the player.

Similarly, (180+50) in the stat window means deduct 180 from the magic attack and then deduct another 5%.


You can raise your own pet, starting with an egg and a Water of Life. When it hatches, it becomes a puppy and then later evolves using Elf's Poweder into various creatures, including a dragon, unicorn dog, etc.

You cannot control what your pet is goig to look like. Try feeding different types of pet food. Your pet can give you more inventory space, attack, MP or HP.



  • xRaz0rxRaz0r Member Posts: 7

    You realize more than half of that is terribly outdated?

    Random invasions by monsters... psh, the last time they did THAT was like, two years ago. >_> I'm serious. The day they hold an event... is the day you know hell has frozen over.

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